Liverpool is one of the most accepting and LGBT friendly places in the UK, making it an ideal city for LGBT students to study in. Here are the best LGBT venues, stores, and other LGBT places in Liverpool. See if you can visit them all!

1. OMG Liverpool

LGBT spaces in Liverpool OMG liverpool
Source: @prideinlpool on Twitter

Address: 9 Victoria St, Liverpool L2 5QA

OMG is a great club with frequent drag queen acts and appearances. There are lots of fun themed events every week for you to attend. The upstairs bar has a calmer vibe to it and more lighting for when you need to take a break from the more intense downstairs area. The bar staff are lovely and there to help you if you need them. A great place to go with friends and just have fun.

2. News from Nowhere

LGBT spaces Liverpool news from nowhere
Source: @newsfromnowhere

Address: 96 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HY

News from Nowhere is an independent bookshop located on Bold Street, one of the busiest and best streets in Liverpool. There is an abundance of books with LGBT characters and themes! They also sell pride badges, magnets, flags, etc. News from Nowhere is the go-to store for decorating your room with pride or finding your next read!

3. Superstar Boudoir

LGBT spaces Liverpool Superstar Boudoir
Source: A Night In Liverpool

Address: 22-24 Stanley St, Liverpool L1 6AF

Superstar Boudoir is round the corner from OMG but offers a different club experience. If you want throwback songs, Superstar has your back! With drag queen DJs, cheap drinks and free entry, Superstar is a great way to start your night!

4. Heaven

Address: 10-18 Victoria St, Liverpool L2 6QE

For a safe but fun night, Heaven is also found in Liverpool’s gay town and offers a great range of cocktails! They do daily offers on certain drinks and host events frequently.

5. Navy Bar Liverpool

LGBT Spaces in Liverpool The Navy Bar
Source: The Navy Bar Facebook

Address: 27 Stanley St, Liverpool L1 6AA

Navy Bar has a fun and unique layout and theme. The bar is massive, so waiting to order is never an issue, and their drinks and entry are very cheap! The floor is massive, so you’ll be able to find plenty of space to dance without someone bumping into you!