While Liverpool has a lot of great coffee shops and cafes, sometimes all you need after a long day is a hard drink.

And wouldn’t that drink taste even better if it was in a really cool location?

Luckily for you, Liverpool has a plethora of secret bars to check out and (even more luckily for you) we’ve compiled a list of seven of the best here.

Berry and Rye


Credit: Instagram/olgreeneyesblog
48 Berry Street, L1 4JQ

Hidden behind the boring pretence of a plain, black door, Berry and Rye is a bar with a fantastic old-school vibe. It’s got classy decor and even classier blues tunes pumping out as you immerse yourself in this superb cocktail venue. After you’ve pulled a menu out of the books on the bookshelves (!!!), you can feast your eyes — and mouths — on some of the sublime concoctions on offer.

El Bandito

el bandito

Credit: El Bandito/Facebook
41b Slater Street, L1 4BX

This teeny bar boasts huge amounts of charm, with some seriously strong cocktails. It may be hidden in a basement on Slater Street, but we highly recommend checking out this secret gem and sampling some of its Mexican-themed drinks.

81 LTD


Credit: 81LTD/Facebook
81 Seel Street, L1

We’re can’t think of a cooler way to gain entry to a bar than by being texted a secret code you have to key in on arrival. And that’s exactly how you get into 81 LTD, a simple, classy establishment frequented by equally smart people and featuring a truly lavish drinks menu.

Some Place

some place

Credit: Some Place/Facebook
43 Seel Street, L1 4AZ

Another hidden Seel Street gem, Some Place is a whole lot more interesting than its name. If you don’t like your absinthe then steer clear, as Some Place features a lot of concoctions featuring the green drink.



Credit: Ex-Directory/Facebook
8 Vernon Street, L2 2AY

Ex-Directory is another bar with a seriously cool method of entry — you have to find their specific phone box, find their secret phone number, dial up and gain entry in a manner, all before you enjoy their amazing drinks selection.

Jenny’s Bar


Credit: Jenny’s Bar/Facebook
Fenwick Street, L2 7NT

Jenny’s Bar is a more twee offering than some of the other bars on here, featuring a friendly vibe with waiters and waitresses. It can be found down a small staircase on Fenwick Street, and you can expect a huge selection of cocktails (which you can learn to make) for around £8 a pop.

Motel Bar


Credit: Motel Bar/Facebook
5-7 Fleet Street, L1 4AR

The aptly-named motel has a vibe matching its moniker. You’ll be able to spot it on Fleet Street by its giant, pink signs. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted with massive tables, a darker ambience than its lights suggests and some brilliant drinks, ranging from the requisite cocktails to some great ales.