Want to make the most out of freshers in Liverpool? Of course you do! So to give you a hand, we’ve come up with a list of the best freshers events in Liverpool 2023. Give them a go and make your freshers something you’ll never forget.

1. Project X Freshers Warehouse Rave – 21st September

best freshers events liverpool 2023

Mark your calendars for September 21st for a subcultural experience with Project X Freshers Warehouse Rave. This is for those who seek something edgier, away from mainstream club scenes. Here, the music is raw, the ambiance is grungy, and the people are real.

2. Rhythm of the 90s – 23rd September

Scheduled for September 23rd at 24 Kitchen Street in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, Rhythm of the 90s offers an authentic step back in time. Whether you were a 90s kid or not, the beats of the era have a timeless appeal that gets everyone on the dance floor. The event also offers discounts on drinks, making it a cost-effective outing.

3. Bingo Lingo – 22nd September

How about blending the wholesome game of bingo with the frenetic energy of a rave? Bingo Lingo offers exactly that at Camp and Furnace on September 22nd. This isn’t your grandma’s bingo; it’s a high-energy, highly rewarding night full of prizes, contests, and a whole lot of dancing.

4. Hangar 34’s UV Neon Rave – 20th September

freshers events in Liverpool
Source: Fatsoma

Kick-start your Freshers Week experience on September 20th with the UV Neon Rave at Hangar 34. This is not your average rave party; it’s an electric spectacle that combines the thrill of music with UV lights that sync to the beats. Imagine an environment where everyone is radiating glowing patterns as they dance to the rhythm. It’s a visual and auditory feast that sets the stage for the week ahead.

5. Moloko’s Groovyland Disco Event – 18th September

Travel back in time with Moloko’s Groovyland disco event on September 18th. Boasting a vibe that’s straight out of a 70s discotheque, the event is an eclectic mix of retro beats and modern rhythms. And let’s not forget the fashion: dust off your bell-bottoms and get ready to groove!

6. Fusion’s The Big Freshers Lockdown – 17th September

freshers events liverpool

Fusion is hosting The Big Freshers Lockdown on September 17th, and it’s bound to be the talking point of the week. This event is a multi-sensory experience that merges live music, immersive light shows, and interactive contests into a single evening. A perfect way to meet new people while being dazzled by cutting-edge technology.

7. LOST: Liverpool Freshers – 22nd September

Step into an exotic environment on September 22nd at Camp and Furnace’s Electric Jungle event. Imagine a venue transformed into a vivid jungle, complete with faux fauna and captivating light effects. Here you can lose yourself to the beats of electronic music while feeling like you’re partying in the heart of a rainforest.

8. Baa Bar Freshers Welcome Party – 17th September

Sometimes, the classic club experience is exactly what you need. The Baa Bar Freshers Welcome Party on September 17th delivers precisely that. Expect a night of chart-topping hits, delicious cocktails, and the quintessential club vibe.

Pick your colour and take a trip to this dating extravaganza at Electrik Warehouse. Red = Taken, Amber = Maybe Baby and Green = Go Ahead! Get your dance on and meet some new people at this great freshers event.

9. Dirty Antics Freshers Festival – 18th September

dirty antics freshers liverpool
Source: Dirty Antics

£3 doubles, £1 shots and a mix of techno, disco, RnB, Indie and hip hop. Sounds great, right? Well good news! Heebie Jeebies and Brooklyn Mixer are hosting a huge freshers event with all of those things.

10. Rewind Freshers Special – 22nd September

freshers events liverpool

This throwback to the glory days is a must-go freshers event in Liverpool this year! It will bring you the best music from the 90s, the 00s and even some modern hits, with student-priced drinks and a great atmosphere.