If you’re an individual with refined taste and a love for all things pretty then sit back, relax, and read all about the most Instagrammable restaurants in Liverpool.

9. Panoramic 34

Location: West Tower, Brook St, Liverpool L3 9PJ


Panoramic 34
Source: Panoramic 34 Instagram

Restauranteurs have reached new heights with Panoramic 34 – literally. It is Britain’s tallest restaurant, situated on the 34th floor of West Tower and is everything an instagrammable restaurant could be. For instance, the view. It overlooks the Liver Buildings and the Albert docks, and provides a crystalline picture of the river Mersey. If the skyline alone isn’t insta-worthy then the food just might be. With an expensive taste and look, the modern meals served at 100m above sea level offer a unique image for any Instagram feed.

8. The Florist

Location: 24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX


The Florist
Source: The Florist Instagram

The florist is a unique mix of modern and natural aesthetic, full of pastels and white shades. The decorative trees and hanging baskets match the restaurants theme as well as making for a good photo opportunity. The floral concept doesn’t stop there, either. With a cascade of rose buds transformed into a staircase light fixture, a mural of a woman with a flower crown, and even a decorative bicycle with a basket full of bouquets The Florist takes ‘staying on trend’ to the next level.

7. The Smugglers Cove

Location: Britannia Pavillion Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD

The Smugglers Cove
Source: The Smugglers Cove Instagram

The Smugglers Cove is the ideal restaurant to meet all your medieval or pirate needs. Warm tones, an abundance of wood panelling and fabric room separators are enough to morph this building from a restaurant into an old fashioned pub. The traditional design is a niche but quant and appreciable aesthetic. Especially when it looks so very cosy.

6. The Brunch Club

Location: 37-41 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AP


The Brunch Club
Source: The Brunch & Cocktail Club Instagram

More nature and woody tones for the Brunch Club. There must be something about living in a modern city that makes people want to eat in a forest – with table service, of course. When sat at the bar you’re treated to a shiny look at the drinks on offer, and those out on the floor are surrounded by enough foliage to make a rainforest green with envy. Their tropical trés chic is most definitely instagrammable.

5. Dash Bar & Restaurant

Location: 15 Victoria St, Liverpool L2 5QS


Dash Bar & Restaurant
Source: Dash Restaurants

Try and imagine a 1950’s dining table in the Barbie dream house, and you’ve got Dash. This restaurant is one that would blend in well with the set of Mad Men, only much more pink and bright – if Mad Men was Mad Women, maybe. It has a very clean and structured design, and the dangling fairy lights in the window work well to make the rest of the interior shine, both literally and figuratively.

4. Maggie Fu

Location: 37-39 Hanover St, Liverpool L1 3DN


Maggie Fu
Source: Maggie Fu

Maggie Fu is an authentic Chinese restaurant who’s instagrammable features are best shown at night. With neon signage and bright pink wall art, it’s hard to say that Maggie Fu doesn’t stand out. Even if you don’t get a seat with the perfect photo-op, the table comes with its own flair in the form of the menu being as decked out as the walls.

3. Matou

Location: Georges Parade, Pier Head Liverpool L3 1BY


Source: Matou

Yet another restaurant offering a rather attractive riverscape from the docks of Liverpool. Similar to Panoramic 34, Matou gives guests not only a pretty interior, but also a pretty exterior, to go with their pretty tasty food. With mosaic styled pillars and orange toned lighting, the restaurant is decidedly warm compared to the very blue view they get out of the windows.

2. Neighbourhood

Location: 62 Castle St, Liverpool L2 7LQ


Source: Neighbourhood Liverpool instagram

In the instance of instagrammable restaurants in Liverpool, it’s safe to say that pink is the new black. Or, at the very least, neon pink is something on an attention grabber. That is certainly the case with Liverpool restaurant, The Neighbourhood, anyway. It is full steam ahead with bright colours and bright lights whether you’re sitting in a corner booth or the green ring reminiscent of the 1960’s conversation pits. Even if you don’t take any pictures, this restaurant is a treat for the eyes.

1. The Alchemist

Location: 5 Brunswick St, Liverpool L2 0UU


The Alchemist
Source: The Alchemist UK Instagram

Even with a beautiful interior, and even better looking food, The Alchemist’s most photogenic feature is arguably their drinks. Visibly magical in appearance, their addition of dry ice to various cocktails makes for an especially pretty picture. Also, it’s an ideal way to let everyone know where you were drinking with just the image of their signature style. The restaurant as a whole provides a very arcane picture.

But, if Instagram’s not your thing and you’d rather just savour the food that’s fine too. Or, maybe these restaurant’s are both pretty and expensive and student-friendly eating is more your style. No matter the way you want to do it, go out there and polish your plates.

Last Updated on July 3, 2024