Trying to decide what university to study at is one of the biggest decisions you will have made so far in your life. Yeah, you probably had to choose a sixth form to go to, but deciding which university to go to is on a whole other level. I knew from the minute I arrived at the University of Liverpool open day that this was the one. I felt like it was the only university I could actually see myself calling home. From looking around at what would be my halls of residence to eating a Guild burrito, everything about UoL made me excited for the future. In these times, it isn’t exactly possible to get the full open day experience that I was allowed due to COVID-19 restrictions. With this in mind, here are all the reasons why you might want to choose the University of Liverpool.

why choose university of liverpool
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According to The Complete University Guide, 81% of students were satisfied with their time at UoL, 85% had graduate prospects, and 93% completed their degree. These stats have placed the university 13th in the country for graduate prospects – pretty impressive if you ask me! You can see how this is the case, with the university’s Careers studio helping students build their CVs, find graduate jobs and generally offering advice on what is best for them. The careers studio hires students, making it a light-hearted and friendly place to drop by if you have any worries about your future.

While things like student satisfaction, graduate prospects and degree completion are obviously important, and you should definitely look at the individual statistics for your course, there is way more to life at the University of Liverpool than their already encouraging statistics. It was the extra things like the nightlife, beautiful campus, friendly city and more that sold the university to me.

Social life

In my opinion, Liverpool is the place to go for a night out in England, and I stand by that. There is an infinite number of clubs suited to every taste, mood and budget. Whether you love a night bopping to cheesy pop in McCooley’s with your friends or dancing to cool RnB tunes at Skint Tuesday, there is a club for everyone. If clubbing perhaps isn’t your thing, there are countless bars, restaurants and cafes to visit with your friends. Obviously, at the moment, the clubs aren’t properly open, but they have even pulled out all the stops for outdoor food and drinks! If you’re looking to come to Liverpool this year or next, you can get excited in the knowledge that (unless we’re thrown any other curve balls) clubs should be back being open as normal, and order will be restored to Liverpool. You have to take advantage of the clubs in first year, and go out as many times as you can each week before the workload gets too intense in second and third year!

Why choose the University of Liverpool?
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Gorgeous city

While I haven’t been able to spend much time on campus so far during my time at the University of Liverpool, I can tell you one thing: it’s beautiful. I may not properly know my way around the Sydney Jones Library yet, but I do know that the view over Abercromby Square from the library is pretty, especially on a sunny day. The University of Liverpool is one of the original red brick universities, which you will definitely be made aware of on the open day and throughout your time there. The Victoria Gallery and Museum is the pride of the university, which isn’t surprising given its classic red brick architecture.

Student community

Liverpool has two main student areas, Smithdown and Kensington, and there are vastly different reasons to live in each. Kensington is near to the campus and city centre, whereas Smithdown is a short bus ride away from both. I wouldn’t let the distance deter you from living in Smithdown, because there is so much going on there that it makes up for needing to buy a bus pass.

One of the main things about Liverpool’s student areas is the sense of community. Whether you want takeaway advice, sell tickets, or you’re searching for the lad you fell in love with in Asda, you can always turn to the Smithdown Facebook group. Throughout first year as you settle into your accommodations and friendships, you’ll work out which area is the best for you, depending on your needs

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So, while the University of Liverpool scores well in league tables, you should also choose to study there based on all these extra little things that make the UoL experience what it is.

Last Updated on July 2, 2024