According to the NBC news website, CrossFit can be described as a strength and conditioning exercise, which consists of a functional movement carried out at a high-intensity level. Are you a professional sportsperson, an aspiring athlete or just someone who wants to lose a few pounds? If you found yourself answering “yes” to those questions, here you will discover five of the best crossfit venues in London!

Crossfit London
Source: NBC News

CrossFit London

Address: Arch 30, 150 Buckhurst St, E1 5QT

This place basically offers everything that your heart desires: Fundamentals course, which is an introduction to the actual CrossFit; CrossFit classes, Sports Therapy Treatments, Gymnastics, Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Nutrition and even CrossFit Kids course. CrossFit London suggests a variety of participation options. Pricing depends on a choice of program; for example, one session costs £20, and three-month membership is £150. Choose CrossFit London and get a professional sports experience.

CrossFit Central London

Address: 56, 57 Ewer St, London SE1 0NR

CrossFit Central London is another great choice for sports lovers. There you can find athletic classes such as CrossFit, Conditioning, which is explained as: “It’s CrossFit. But without the heavy barbells or complex gymnastic movements.” Other types of physical activities like weightlifting, strength, class for beginners and kettlebells aimed to gain strength and power are accessible. When it comes to membership, students are welcomed as there is a special option for them, which monthly costs £130. Invite your friends to the CrossFit Central London and accomplish your fitness goals together.

Tribe London

Address: Arches 59. 61 & 64. Cambridge Grove. Hammersmith.W6 OLD or 128 &  129 Railway Arches. Macfarlane Road. London. W12 7LA

Located in two places: Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush; Tribe London venues are open to everyone. In Hammersmith options of small group classes of CrossFit, Gymnastics, Strongman, Weightlifting, specialist nutrition support and personal training are available. At CrossFit Shepherd’s Bush, the main focus is on the individual journey because in moderate group gatherings, you will be able to experience personal training and nutrition. The cheapest membership is £140 monthly, and it gives entry to two sessions per week. Tribe London sports venues are made for you if you are looking for ways to leave your secure bubble and meet the new people.

CrossFit North London

Address: CrossFit North London Unit 2 Clarendon Yards, Olympia Trading Estate. Wood Green London N22 6TZ

CrossFit North London defines itself as the largest CrossFit gym in London, as it is 10,000 sq ft. Coaches Gerard Andrews and Marina Garcia are professionals for more than fifteen years, and in 2012 in Idaho, US had been qualified as CrossFit coaches. This place frequently participates in or host competitions. Program in this gym differs from others by the three initial assessments: Step 1 assessment, which is optional and related to getting information about the body condition, other course is mandatory and is called CFNL foundation course that usually takes three or four sessions to complete. The price of one session is £55. Movement course will be needed to complete if you won’t like to take a foundation course. Activities like WOD, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, etc. are able to pick. Single session price for an adult is £20, and a pack of 10 is £135. If you consider becoming a professional CrossFit athlete, take CrossFit North London without a doubt.

CrossFit Blackfriars

Address: 50 Belvedere Buildings, London, SE1 0DQ

“At CrossFit Blackfriars, we help our members to achieve their best fitness levels through expert coaching, a fun and relaxed atmosphere and our famously friendly community.” In this gym, physical activities such as rowing, weightlifting, elements of gymnastics, kettlebells and running are included in the training sessions. The cost of a single session is £20, and the least expensive membership option is a three-month contract, which would require £100 per month. Choose CrossFit Blackfriars if you are interested in improving in CrossFit gradually in a secure and light-hearted way.

CrossFit training is a life-changing option, which can bring exciting consequences regarding your way of living and well-being. If you are looking for an interesting experience that would transform your habits, or if you were hesitant about trying CrossFit, stop waiting and take that leap of faith!

Last Updated on July 3, 2024