Let’s be honest – we’ve all heard of London’s famous bars and pubs and always wanted to visit one. Let’s be honest again – we don’t usually have the money to drop by the bar stand and casually order a £10 cocktail. Well, the good news is, lots and lots of bars all over London have quite attractive offers for their Happy Hours. So, here is a handy list of bars and pubs in different parts of London with their Happy Hour offers!


Happy Hours in North London

The Abbey Tavern

  • Drinks: Cocktails

Drinking in the Abbey tavern will look more like gathering at a party thrown by an old, but estranged with time, friend. A simple interior and brick walls are organically combined with the colourful bunting. Best to come at 12-4 pm time, when they offer two drinks for just £10!


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Lock Tavern

  • Drinks: Beers

If somehow one evening you’ll end up walking in Camden, wondering, where can you grab a pint, head to the Lock tavern without a doubt. From 5-7 pm on Monday to Tuesday they have £3 pints of selected beers.

Slim Jim’s Liquor store

  • Drinks: Beers, Cocktails

Tired of all the sugary, syrup-like retro pop hype? Welcome to the Slim Jim’s Liquor store – an authentic rock bar, with the classics of the genre playing from their award-winning Jukebox. And if you come between 5-8 pm on weekdays, you’ll be able to get 2 for 1 cocktail or £4 beers

Happy Hours in East London

Scarpetta restaurant & bar

  • Drinks: Cocktails, Wine

An unexpectedly focused and minimalistic Italian bar is located in the heart of Canary Wharf. The modern classic look is perfect for both casual friend meetings and an elegant date night. Especially knowing when to come for £5 Italian cocktails and wine – from 5-7 pm on weekdays. 

Nikki’s bar

  • Drinks: Cocktails

Whoever Nikki is, she’s got a sense of style. If you have ever wanted to get inside the 80s magazine or college, this place will be perfect for you. Visit them on Wednesday and Thursday for their 2-4-1 cocktails from 5 to 7 pm.


The timeless bar and kitchen

  • Drinks: Cocktails

The timeless bar went far beyond the conventional happy hour concept. They have reasonably noticed that in an international city like London it is unwise to forget about the timezones – and made every hour a Happy Hour. At any point of the day, there is a different cocktail, which is under a buy-one-get-one-free offer. Timeless happiness!


  • Drinks: Cocktails, wine

Not too different from a travelling circus which decided to stay in the city for a few more days, the Trapeze bar could easily substitute the “Greatest showman” scenery. The prices are as spectacular as the interiors – two cocktails for £12, £3.50 pints of Ringmaster, £10 Bottles of house wine, Monday-Saturday until 7 pm, and until 6 pm on Sunday.


Happy Hours in South London

Barrio Brixton

  • Drinks: Beers, Cocktails, Tequilla shots

Contrasting with the greyish looks of Brixton, the Colourful decor of the Barrio bar are doing their job in carrying you kilometres away from London. So you can lean back on one of the azure blue chairbacks and enjoy the 2-4-1 Cocktails during their Amigo hours: 4-9 pm Wednesday and Thursday, 4-7 pm Friday, 12-9 pm Sunday. 

Bar story

  • Drinks: Cocktails

Easily confused with an entrance to the service facilities, the door/gate to the Bar story doesn’t wave at you to enter. But don’t be tricked by its appearance – behind the grey fence hides the atmosphere of the retired rave building. Their cocktail prices go as low as two for £8 during their happy hours from 6-7 pm daily

Rum Kitchen (Brixton)

  • Drinks: Cocktails

This Caribbean-themed bar serves not only delicious cuisine but also the fresh breeze of the salt wind and the echoes of the pirate songs. The best addition to this atmosphere will be their £5 and £6 cocktails, served daily until 7 pm.



Happy Hours in West London 

Belushi’s (Shepherd’s Bush)

  • Drinks: Beers

Disguised as the American freshers’ party, the Belushi’s bar in Brixton definitely corresponds to the vibe. If you want to feel yourself in a college movie and play some red cup pong game, this place is perfect. They also stream football matches, which are perfect to watch with a can of sol of craft can. Not to mention, they are 2 for 1 from 4-7 pm on Weekdays.

Be at one

  • Drinks: Cocktails

The bar, specifically focusing on cocktails, Be at one has a wide variety of different cocktails. This is definitely the place to try something new, luckily, the range is striking with its diversity – vodka, whiskey and tequila-based.  Not to mention, alternative mixes and bartender’s choice. All of them are 2-4-1 on weekdays until 8 pm.


Copper Chimney

  • Drinks: Cocktails

Bright and fresh bar and restaurant. It is a perfect place to wait out the march rains and feel the spring coming to the city. And while the interiors will warm your sight, the Northern Indian food aims straight to your soul. And their 2-4-1 cocktails, available from 3 to 6 pm on weekdays will be the perfect addition to your evening.

Dirty Bones (Kensington)

  • Drinks: Cocktails

If the bohemian themed style party was to be thrown at your grandmother’s house, the Dirty bones bar is what would be created as the result. Photo booth and retro fridges entrances, quirky lamps, looking like extraterrestrial flowers definitely add to the vibe. While enjoying the decor, order their signature cocktails, which are just £5 from 3-7 pm weekly!


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Happy Hours in Central London 

Simmons Bar Tottenham Court Road

  • Drinks: Beers, Cocktails, Wine

This bar seemed to absorb all the music genres of the 80s. A mix of disco, funk and hip-hop will be waiting for you in Simmons, nested in the middle of Soho. During their happy hours, 3-8 pm, from Sunday to Friday, they offer a large variety of discounts on bottled beer, spirits, glasses of wine and cocktails.

Jerusalem bar and kitchen

  • Drinks: Beers, Cocktails

The Jerusalem bar and Kitchen is as glowing and bright as the coloured glass in their lamps. A cozy and relaxed atmosphere of a neighbouring pub welcomes you as soon as you open the front door. Until 9 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays they offer 4 House Beers for £12 and £12 for two classic cocktails.

Bar Rhumba

  • Drinks: Beers, Cocktails, Wine

If you are fancy running a loud dance party the Bar Rhumba is perfect for it. As well as for having a quiet evening watching an open-mic show. Or taking relaxing salsa classes. This bar has a wide variety of different activities it can offer. The best, however, is their Students’ hours on Wednesday nights, when from 10 pm to 3 am the selected drinks are just £4 each! Don’t forget to bring your student ID.


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The drunken oyster

  • Drinks: Cocktails

The quirky name doesn’t correspond to the look of the bar. Large wooden bar stand and lightbulbs, hanging from the ceiling create an industrial, yet fashionable atmosphere. If you, as the author of this article travel majorly by Oyster card, you’ll still be able to afford the drinks there. Thanks to £5 spritz, £10 for two cocktails, which they offer daily, from 4-7 pm.

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