Walking into BOXPARK Shoreditch can often feel like stepping into a TARDIS, except you’re still in East London surrounded by hundreds of people craving food, drink and a good night out instead of fighting off whatever creatures David Tennant comes across. But what’s good about BOXPARK is how versatile it actually is; whether you want to go for a classy lunch date with a few cocktails and an endless choice of cuisines from around the world, or order endless shots for you and your mates early into the next morning, you can do both things there, even all on the same day!

boxpark shoreditch
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Before you enter BOXPARK, there is often a small queue because it is such a popular venue, however you won’t be standing there for too long before being asked to show a ‘black card’. Don’t worry, I promise it’s not as fancy as it sounds (although it can definitely be used as s subtle brag with those that don’t know what it actually is) – all you need to do is simply scan a QR code, fill in your details and add the card to your wallet on your phone. This black card allows you entry to all BOXPARK venues, priority registration for events, and offers across their bars and street food venders; what’s best is that it’s all free too. So once that’s all done, you simply show it at the door, and they’ll let you in, seating you at a bench in groups, only at the moment due to COVID restrictions.

Boxpark shoreditch black card
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Walking through the venue, you’re surrounded by independent food vendors ranging from clean, vegan options to mighty burger and fries choices, most of which are reasonably priced and offer student discounts. With a resident DJ also playing the best mixes from day to night, it definitely feels like a constant party with hundreds of other people. Once seated, you scan a QR code which then allows you to order off their food and drinks menu directly from your phone. When you’ve decided what to have, someone will bring it over for you – it is currently all table service due to COVID. The drink choices are endless, ranging from beers and ciders to cocktails and shots (by the way, my favourite is the Pornstar Martini slushy – I highly recommend you give it a try).

boxpark shoreditch drinks
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By bringing the outdoor feeling inside, the energy from the second you step foot in BOXPARK is unmatched to so many other London venues. Its eclectic atmosphere partnered with the diversity of things to do definitely makes you never want to leave. Although you are currently only allowed to sit at the benches because of restrictions, the energy that the place provides is more than enough to make it feel as though you are back 2019 dancing the night away. It is currently open on a first come first served basis, however with large events and appearances, it is always ideal to pre-book because they do sell out extremely quickly.

Boxpark Shoreditch events
Source: Boxpark

With a shopping centre, independent food vendors, bars and a DJ, what more could you possibly need for an incredible day AND night out? You can check out more information about BOXPARK Shoreditch here, and hopefully, we’ll see you all there very soon!

Address: 2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, Hackney, London E1 6GY