Continued from part 1

8. Power Rangers

Group together and battle the evil of a night, dressed as power rangers! Simple, easy homemade dress up idea that’s sure to turn heads!

9. Pac-man

Anyone who loves pac-man will love this dress up idea! Dress all in black and create the different pac-man colours. You’ll need a group of friends of course!

10. Tetris

This is a perfect group dress up! You have no choice but to stick with your friends all night, so if you have a friend that always wonders off, suggest this and you’ll have them close all night. P.s these aren’t stuck together, they come apart. Don’t make that mistake!

11. Candy

Dress as your favourite sweet!!

12. Piñata

Dress as a piñata …. just avoid people with sticks … (okay okay awful joke!).

13. Beer Pong

You’ll go down in history as legends for this dress up !!

14. Board Games

If you like your board games then this is a good one for you and your friends. Dress as your favourite board game!

15. Mario and friends

This is a great one to do with friends. Mario and his friends!