So, you need to find an internship or work experience.

We know that finding an internship can be time-consuming and stressful. You’d think people would jump at the opportunity to have you work for free- but it’s not that simple. In fact, it leaves many graduates and uni students feeling stuck in a cycle of needing experience for their CV while unable to get their foot in the door. Well, if you’ve already checked out your university’s career page and can’t seem to find anything, do not panic! We have put together 5 websites you can use to find an internship or work experience

Creative Access


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This website is great for students looking to break into the creative industries. From the likes of film and media to publishing or even art and design; you are bound to find it here! This platform works to connect roles and opportunities from reputable companies such as Channel 4 and Bloomsbury Publishing, to aspiring creatives. Creative access offers a range of exclusive opportunities including internships, work experience and graduate jobs. It is free and easy to use, you should check it out!

Creative Access is a great place to find an internship!

Bright Network


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Anything to do with corporate life, this is the platform to be on! Bright Network works to offer a range of events, career talks, and guidance for students and their lives after university. It is amazing for internships in banking, consulting and finance. The site is very easy to navigate, with a section specifically on how to find an internship, all you have to do is sign up and you can begin! 



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There is no doubt you’ve heard about the social media platform, LinkedIn! Perhaps your university has urged you to create a profile, or maybe you already have one but don’t really use it properly. Well, you should if you are keen to find an internship! This is one of the leading professional networking platforms to use, regardless of your career choice, it offers a more personal approach to looking for roles, work experience and internships. Interestingly, this platform allows direct access to the people hiring. It also allows you to create a professional profile, where professionals can notice you. Check out our LinkedIn tips here. 



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Next up is Springpod! If you are looking for a remote/virtual work placement, Springpod is a company that specialises in that. They offer a range of virtual placements, from work experience within the NHS, to actual apprenticeships (if that is the path you would like to go down). This platform is a good alternative if you want to gain work experience remotely.

The Dots 


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Another place to find an internship is The Dots, it is a creative professional networking site that works similar to Linkedin but in this case they focus specifically on creative industries. Created by Pip Jamieson, the platform works to connect creatives together, but also to advertise roles and schemes within the creative industry and give advice. This is a great platform to find an internship!


indeed jobs

Last but not least, Indeed isn’t just useful for finding paid roles. Plenty of companies also offer work experience, internships and graduate schemes on this job site too. You’ll be able to find paid and unpaid roles and because Indeed is such a large company, covering so many UK cities and other countries, there’s a high chance that you will find experience in your chosen field!

Happy Hunting for internships and work experience! Feel free to share any other websites that you have found helpful for work experience and internships, in the comments section.