Soft play centres are great fun. When you’re young you tend to go all the time, but what about all the adult soft play centres? Well there’s still plenty of places across the UK that host adult soft play nights, including adult ball pits, bottomless or themed events and much more. They’re great options for a birthday party or just…you know a normal night out where you want to feel five years old again. So if you’re looking for an adult soft play centre near you, our list provides the best places to go to in the UK. Get ready to unleash your inner child. Whether you just fancy a day out with your uni pals, or you’re planning a birthday bash, let the party games begin…Here are the best Wacky Warehouse-style adult soft play centres in the UK for you to choose from.

1. Pirate Play Centre – Nottingham

Adult Soft Play Nottingham
Source: Nottingham Post

After an expansion, Pirate Play Centre is now offering party packages for hen parties, stag dos, as well as any other adult-only events centred around soft play for adults. It costs £295 for up to 25 people then £10pp after, and for an extra £35 everyone can also have a game of laser tag. The soft play currently has the classic climbing areas and slides, as well as a zip wire and a ball pit. 

Plus, when it comes to booze, you’re not obligated to sink your student loan into the Pirate Play Centre, as you can bring your own booze – even better! Don’t worry, if you get peckish, food is available on-site.

2. Playzone – Swansea and Portsmouth


During the day, Playzone may just be a play centre for kids, but once a week it’s open late for students and adults to take over. At Portsmouth, that’s Fridays 8pm – 10pm, which costs £9.95pp. There’s a bar on site too.

Swansea is a little cheaper at £8.50, at the same day and time and also has a BOGOF happy hour to enjoy. The massive 10,000 square foot area is full of play equipment, including a slide, ball pool and rope swings.

3. Big Fun – Hull

Adult Soft Play Big Fun
Source: Big Fun Hull

Big Fun is Hull’s answer to Playzone in Swansea and Portsmouth (see above). Every Friday between 8pm and 10pm is Big Fun’s Adult Nights, where for just £8.50 you can relive your childhood and go wild in their soft play centre for adults. Plus from 9 pm until 9 pm it is happy hour with all alcoholic drinks being buy one get one free, making it the top soft play for adults with alcohol. But they do also sell snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. 

4. KB02 Soft Play – Enfield, North London 

adult soft play
Source: KB02 Facebook

With special adult soft play events on nights like Halloween, KB02 can be rented out for parties and the sort. And why wouldn’t you want to? They’ve got a three storey soft play frame, a retro arcade room complete with shooting games, punch bag games and a dancing game, drinks, and greater music all night long. It’s one of the best adult soft play centres in the UK with alcohol, with prices starting at just £3.50! 

When it comes to adult soft play, KB02 ticks all the boxes. Get ready to act like a big kid.

5. Ballie Ballerson – London, Edinburgh and Cardiff

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Not sure if this can be classed as an adult soft play exactly, but it’s still bloody fun with an adult ball pit added to the mix. Plus you’ve got the added bonus of getting pissed with pals whilst navigating the balls. Ballie Ballerson plays R’n’B and disco, making it like a club night but in a ball pool – no wonder it’s one of the most popular adult soft play centres in the UK for students (or ball pool technically). They also host special events such as NYE parties, or themed-nights like a Taylor Swift brunch. 

You’ll find Ballie Ballerson in all three capital cities, with Cardiff being their newest venue to open. Prices start in London from £5, and £4.50 in Edinburgh.

6. Clip & Climb – Chelsea London

Clip & climb in London is the ultimate adult playground. If you’re a bit of a dare devil and don’t mind heights then you’ll sure enjoy it here. Swing from the ceiling whilst you navigate your way around their indoor play pen. It’s probably less soft play and more hard play, as there’s less padded things to climb. But it’s just as fun and definitely helps you feel like a child again. 

7. Jump Giants Wipe Out – multiple locations in London, Loughborough and Newcastle

In the exhilarating Wipe Out game, the goal is straightforward: just stay upright! It’s great for a group of mates who want a challenge to see who can outlast the rest, all while dodging a sweeping padded bar determined to topple players from their platforms. It gets harder as the game progresses, so expect to jump, duck, and dodge in your quest for victory. Once you’re knocked off, your game is over.

8. Flip out – multiple locations around the UK

flip out adult soft play

There are over 30 Flip Out parks across the UK to choose from, and they welcome all ages. Although they’re generally trampoline parks, they have lots of great stuff for adult soft play. Think ninja obstacle courses, inflatables, battle beams, drop slides, free fall and lots more. It’s a little bit like the tv show Gladiators in some aspects. But as they don’t host specific adult nights, you do need to think about running, jumping, battling etc. among young children. However, this means you can go any time of day any time of week. 

9. Wonderland: Adult Soft Play – North London

Wonderland adult soft play London
Source: DJW Events

Wonderland Adult Soft Play events are ran by the same organisers as at KBo2. So it’s another amazing way to feel like a kid again – but legally allowed to drink alcohol. 

If you haven’t been to Wonderland, you’re seriously missing out. This awesome three storey play area is not only super affordable, but their weekly evening event means no kids allowed. Their soft play area has some kickass slides and ballpits too, as well as interactive games, pool tables and even a live DJ for those all night soft play sessions. Strictly 18+, their adult parties take place from 9pm to 1.30am, with free play for adults, booze available at their on-site bar and plenty of good music. As well as all the fun of soft play, they even run competitions at the end of the night and group games.

Even if you don’t fancy their adult soft play area, their retro arcade room is worth a visit on its own! Based in Palmers Green, North London, they host a number of events as well as private hire options.

10. Ball Park Liverpool

Ball Park Liverpool adult soft play

Describing itself as an adults playground, Ball Park Liverpool has everything. Although not strictly adult soft play, there’s plenty of things to do here along those lines. There’s ping pong, ball pools, table tennis, beer pong, pool, cocktail masterclasses and lots more. It’s designed to meet all your inner child needs, but of course it’s with alcohol to help. If you’re planning a birthday or other celebration, you can also book out areas for private hire. 

11. Inflata Nation – multiple locations

There are currently nine Inflata Nation adult soft play areas around the UK, such as in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle and more. There are huge indoor arenas to bounce around in, which is great for the ever-sunny UK weather. There’s inflatable walls, inflatable duels (think Gladiators again), assault courses for you to have an ‘Inflata Race’, bubbles, drop slides, ball pools, hoops, wobbly platforms, inflatable mountains and much more. 

Inflata Nation is generally for all ages, but you can go their grown-up only events for 16 years+. They also do adult only parties if you’re looking to plan a birthday or special event. 

12. Inflatable Zone – Birmingham

Inflatable Zone Birmingham

No matter the season, there’s an adult play area in Birmingham to enjoy. There’s an indoor adult playground at Stourbridge and an outdoor inflatable trampoline park in Halesowen. They have dedicated sessions for adults, which means that you’ll be able to bounce around without dodging toddlers.

If you want to have a party here then you can also book it out. There’s a fully equipped-bar on hand as well as competitions to make the party even more fierce. For parties of 10- 20 guests, prices work out at just £14 pp. It gets lower the more people you invite too. 

13. PlayZone – Lincoln

student night soft play lincoln
PlayZone Lincoln

With adult and student nights, this is the best adult indoor playground in Lincoln for childish fun. There’s a drop slide, a double drop slide, 4-lane astro slide, and a tube slide. There’s ball pools, rope swings, mazes, a slackline, air cannons and much more to ensure you go home feeling like you’ve rekindled your inner child.  Adult and student night takes place every Tuesday evening from 6.30pm – 8.30pm for only £7.95. 

While adult soft play is one of the best ways to have a fun night out that’s just not clubbing, you could also try your luck at these great bingo events too! Or why not hit the slopes at one of the UK’s best indoor skiing and dry slope venues.

Last Updated on March 17, 2024