Many students wonder what benefits they might be entitled to that help with the cost of living. One of the many questions asked is do uni students have to pay for the dentist? It seems a bit weird that you’d have to pay for the dentist, especially since the NHS gives you free healthcare. So we’ve answered your questions and given you some advice on what you would need to pay for when visiting the dentist, how much it costs, and if students are eligible for any free dental care.

Do you have to pay for check ups?

Unfortunately, when you turn 18, you no longer receive free dental care and will have to pay for it yourself. Even small things like check ups and teeth cleaning are things you will now have to pay for if you want to see a dentist. It is advised that you have a check up every 6 months, so it’s worth budgeting that into your student loan when you register at your university dentist.

Exceptions to the rule

So, not everyone has to pay for dental care, so check these requirements to see if you could be eligible. If you are under 19 and still in full-time education, then you can still receive free health care! This will apply to most students in their first year of university. There are other exceptions as well, such as pregnant students, or people who have given birth in the past 12 months. You are also eligible if you are under 20 and receiving jobseekers allowance. The other two exceptions are being eligible for a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate, and also having a Hc2 certificate.

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How much does it cost for students to visit the dentist?

The NHS dental system has bands, to decide how much different treatments will cost. It’s all explained on the NHS website, but to reiterate, band 1 treatments will cost £23.80, which covers treatments such as checkups and diagnosis, x-rays and polish. Band 2 costs £65.20, and is for treatments such as removing teeth, fillings, and root canal fillings. The final band is band 3, which covers treatments such as crowns, dentures, and bridges and costs £282.80. However, emergency treatment will come under band 1, meaning you will only have to pay £23.80.

Do I have to pay for everything?

There are some small things you will not have to pay for if you’re going to see a dentist. This includes denture repair, getting stitches removed, your dentist stopping blood loss, and prescriptions (if you don’t pay already). You can find out more about whether students have to pay for prescriptions in our guide. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for the dentist as a uni student for any other treatments.

What if I can’t afford a dentist?

If you can’t afford dental care, talk to your university finance department. They are there to offer you advice if you’re struggling with money. They might suggest you apply for a hardship fund or anything else that your university offers. It’s also worth talking to your university dental department when you register, so they are aware of any struggles that you might have with paying.

Although it’s annoying paying for the dentist, it’s better to get something looked at before it gets worse! If looking for more advice on how to keep your health in good check, read our article on self-care tips for students for looking after your mental and physical health.