We know we’re not the only ones who love buying stationary. One of the most exciting parts about university is getting to buy new things, and that includes fresh, new notebooks and unused pens. Stationary is also a must, so you can treat yourself while remembering it’s all necessary. So if you’re wondering what university stationary essentials you need, then we’ve made the perfect list for you!

1. Folders and folder separators

Depending on your course, you might get a lot of handouts. If you like staying organised throughout the year, it’s best to get a ring binder or lever arch folder for your handouts. It’s also good to have folder separators, so you can separate work by module, which makes everything more easier to find.

2. Highlighters

The university stationary essentials every student needs

Highlighters are many students’ favourite items of stationary, and they’re essential too. They’re perfect for quickly identifying important parts of your work, and making your notes look pretty and organised. The new pastel highlighters are definitely a university stationary staple, but there’s always different colours and shades out there!

3. Pens and pencils

Although this is the most obvious one, you’d be surprised how many people show up to the first day of uni without a pen or something to write with. Don’t be that person, just buy a pack of pens before you go! You might also need a pencil depending on your course, but you should always have a pen at least.

4. Notebooks

The university stationary essentials every student needs
Source: Canva

Even if you’re planning on doing all of your notes on your laptop, you still need a notebook. You never know when you might want to write something down. Some people also prefer writing their revision notes by hand, and a notebook is a great way to make your notes look pretty. Paper Chase do a huge selection of notebooks and other stationary, so check out their website!

5. Rubbers and Tipp-ex

Tipp-ex is a lifesaver for university students who need to quickly amend things, so it’s definitely a stationary essential. It keeps your notes neat and tidy, and it’s perfect if you make a lot of mistakes (who doesn’t?). Obviously if you’re doing a course where you use a pencil, you’ll need a rubber!

6. Stapler, hole puncher, and plastic pockets

If you’re taking our advice on getting a folder, then you’ll also need these three as well. These will help keep your university folders tidy and organised, which you’ll always be grateful for when looking through your notes. Don’t be tempted to just poke your own holes – something always rips.

7. Post-it notes

The university stationary essentials every student needs
Source: Canva

Post it notes are great for making revision notes! You can stick them all over your bedroom in the hopes that you’ll remember some of it, and then easily remove them when you’re finished. They’re an easy way of preventing mental overload, when you try to remember too much at once. Just write it down and forget about it.

8. Ruler and calculator

A ruler is always useful, no matter what degree you’re doing. Everyone should have a calculator, but most of you probably have one on your phone anyway. But, if you’re doing a certain type of degree, you will definitely need a physical one as well – such as a scientific one.

9. White tack

White tack is definitely a university stationary essential. Most people put up posters in university accommodation, and white tack won’t take any paint off with it. If you’re starting to wonder where you’re going to get all of this stationary from, WHSmith sell most of this stationary in their shops!

10. Diary/ planner

Arguably the most important stationary essential for students; diaries are really useful for when you first get your timetables. University can be a really busy time for some people, and if you struggle to keep on top of it all, a diary would be perfect for you.

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