Failing an assignment is always an awful feeling. Whether you just didn’t understand the work, or for some reason completely misunderstood the task, it’s never easy seeing that low mark on your screen. If you’re wondering what to do and where to go for help, here’s some advice on what to do if you fail an assignment!

What counts as a fail?

what counts as a fail on assignments and what to do

A failed assignment usually means that it scores under 40%. This also goes for the overall module mark as well. If you score less than 40% in the overall module, then you will fail that module too. It’s important to check the weighting of the assignment, because even if it is a fail, you may still have a chance to pass the module overall.

It’s not the end of the world

what to do if you fail an assignment

Don’t panic! Failing an assignment doesn’t mean you’re going to fail university and have to drop out! First of all, it’s worth checking what percentage of the module the assignment. If you fail one assignment, but do well in the others, you can still pass the module without having to worry! This obviously means you probably won’t get a first, but passing is always the most important bit. You can find out more about how the overall UK uni grading system works here.

If you fail the module

why did i fail my assignment

If your assignment was a huge chunk of the module, then you will most probably fail the module. When this happens, it’s important to get in touch with your lecturer to see what the next steps are. You may be able to resit an exam if that contributed to the failure of the module, or you may be able to pass anyway. However, you do need a certain amount of credits (usually 120) to pass the year, and if you don’t achieve this, then you will have to resit the whole year.

Why you failed the assignment

why did i fail an assignment

If you failed the assignment due to sickness or ongoing issues, then you should definitely tell your lecturer to see if something can be done. Obviously, you should apply for extenuating circumstances before you submit your assignment, but if you haven’t, then email your lecturer to see if anything can be changed. If you failed because of plagiarism, check your sources and referencing to ensure that you did it right. If you can’t find any mistakes, tell your lecturer who can help you sort out an appeal.

You can still save your grade

What to do if you fail an assignment

If it’s only your first assignment, then don’t worry too much. You can still do really well in other assignments in the module, giving you a pass overall! If you don’t understand the work you’re doing or just need help writing essays in general, your university should have someone who can offer support to you. This can include services within the university who offer meetings on essay writing. Discussing your feedback with your lecturer will make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes in your next assignment.

You can appeal

what to do if you fail an assignment

If you disagree with a grade you’ve been given, then appeal! Essay writing can be subjective, so if you think you were scored lower than you deserved, email your lecturer about getting your work re-marked. If you disagree with the feedback you’ve been given, it’s always worth asking your lecturer about it, as they may have made a mistake whilst marking your work. If you do email your lecturer, it’s always best to be nice about it, since everyone can make mistakes.

Talk to your lecturer!

What to do if you fail an assignment

Your lecturer or academic tutor will be able to offer you the best advice. Depending on your university, you might be able to resit. They can also direct you towards who to talk to if you would like your work to be re-marked. If you do end up failing the module or the year, they can offer the best advice on what to do next. You’re not the first person to have failed an assignment,  so they will definitely know what to do to help.

Failing an assignment is never the end of the world, and whatever happens everything will be alright. If you do think you’re going to fail the year, then read our article on what happens if you fail your first year of university.