Halloween is a big season in the UK, especially to us Uni students. Dressing up is already a given at uni but Halloween calls for even bigger and even better dress up ideas. Luckily for you Unifresher have put together a list of the best fancy dress ideas for Halloween to get you sorted for 2019. Some are admittedly outrageous, whilst others are a little more understated..

1. Police

The ‘scary’ police ladies that still look super cute. Let’s be honest every Halloween we have the girls who want to look cute but a little scary and then the girls who go all out scary. This one is for the girls who still want to look cute. It’s also a really easy Halloween outfit to re-create. Most of it you should already have in your wardrobe, perhaps minus the police hats.

2. Black and white Angels with your bestie

It is definitely better to look weird with a friend. This ones for the besties out there that love a good dress up together.

3. The sexy dead bride

No party would be complete without someone dressing as a dead bride. You’ve got to brave the cold with this one but it might be worth it to win best dressed… well not very dressed tbf.

4. Kitty Cats of Halloween

Easy to re-create with friends and a great one to do with a group. You will definitely take over the club with this one.

5. Devil

The devil is a classic on Halloween and perfect to do with a friend. Think everything red!

6. The fortune teller

You can even get into character and start telling peoples fortunes.. Scary ones of course

7. The cheerleaders

This outfit can be a little pricy if you’re not already a cheerleader but if you are then it’s a perfect one to go as. Dress in your cheerleader uniform and get some face paint.

8. The church goers..

9. The classic skeleton.

This one is all in the face paint. You don’t necessarily have to get the skeleton outfit, you could go in all white or all black with a sick painted face.

10. The joker