We all remember Callippo Shots, the juice flavoured ice drops we rely on to cool down and refresh with in the summer.

These shots are now back on the market, although most supermarkets have not caught on they are available to buy in multipacks from wholesalers.

Or if you don’t fancy stocking your freezer with them, why not try your local corner shop? Plus each flavour is low in calories with some having just 25 calories!

Strawberry and Lemon

Calippo Shots Strawberry and Lemon
Source: Ice Cream Supply

If you want a Callippo shot that tastes like summer, then their Strawberry and Lemon flavour is the one for you. As who can resist the taste of sweet strawberries mixed with the bitter taste of lemons.

Cola and Lemon

Calippo Shots Cola and Lemon
Source: Nevejan

Instead of drinking a glass of cola and forgetting to drop in a lemon wedge, you can now enjoy the cola lemon combination as a Callippo shot.

Cherry and Banana

Calippo Shots Cherry and Banana
Source: World Open Food

Although cherry and bananas may not be a classic combination, they certainly are a fruity twist for Callippo shots.

Last Updated on August 22, 2022