When you’re applying to university, you start to worry about literally everything. Are they going to turn you down because of that one practice paper that you flunked? Do universities accept your application if you have a low attendance rate? Will they know that you only took geography at A-level because history clashed? Or that you went home on your long break each Tuesday instead of hanging around college campus? If you’re worried about the minimum attendance rate for university in the UK, here’s what you need to know.

How can a low attendance rate impact your uni application? 

How can a low attendance rate impact your uni application? 

Low attendance is not recommended at GCSE or A-Level, as it can negatively impact your academic performance. The less time you spend in lessons, the less information you are taught. This can lead to gaps in knowledge, and it can also exacerbate the stress already prevalent during exam times. Trying to teach yourself content can be really difficult at high levels. You might also miss important information about exams or revision tips which could benefit your grades. However, there’s no general minimum attendance rate for applying to universities in the UK.

Do universities look at your attendance rate?

Will universities look at your attendance rate?

Universities get a whole lot of information when you send your application in, and part of that is your academic transcript. This means they may well have access to your attendance rate, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll actually look at it. The majority of universities won’t look at your attendance rate, as your grades and dedication are much more important to their applications. For more info on what they might look at, check out UCAS. If you’re worried then these are The 30 easiest unis to get into in the UK.

Will your academic reference talk about your attendance?

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When you apply to university, your college of the sixth form will write you an academic reference. This is unlikely to include much information about your attendance rate, especially if your attendance rate is low. The only time your academic reference is likely to mention your attendance is if it will benefit your application (i.e. if your attendance is very high). So if your attendance across school or college was lower than you’d perhaps like, you probably don’t need to worry about it!

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