In a few months, a new year of freshers will be embarking on their university journey. If you are getting prepared for uni yourself, you may be starting to plan how you will spend the most iconic week of university: freshers week. We all have a lot of expectations for university, and we’ve all heard the university stereotypes, but which one will you be? Your Freshers plans probably say a lot more about you than you think…

The Flat Mum

the mum friend stereotype
Source: The Odyssey Online

It’s a strong role to establish early. The flat mum is the one waiting up rather than staying out late themselves. The one organising the house for next year. They are pretty much the ‘essential’ flatmate. This person can often be mistaken for boring, but this is false. They merely know what they like and do it well, so respect for that. We don’t know where we’d be without them.

The Ambitious One

There’s always so much on offer during fresher’s week so it’s natural to want to do it all. Can you do it all, though? Well no. But you do NOT want to miss out on any parties.

Therefore, you have bought every single ticket you can find available on the internet. You have signed up to chess, tennis, planned on going to every pub night and think taking up fencing will also be possible. You will be partying for the entire week. Nights in? They don’t exist to you. There is no chance you will miss out on the best events. You will definitely catch freshers flu, but you’ll have the best time while doing so.

Sometimes called the ‘making the most of’ person, there is so much to be said for spreading yourself too thinly, and this is the prime example of you can do anything but not everything.

The Invisible One

the invisible flatmate stereotype
Source: EZ Hang Door

There’s the occasional clink of cutlery for the kitchen, but you go in, and there is new dirty washing up but no flatmate. This flatmate drifts in and out like a ghost. No intention of making friends with the flat and has their own friends. They might make a  sound when someone has been able to track them down. Otherwise, they are merely a slam of a door or a whisper in the wind. Their fresher’s plans? Nobody knows, yet you will always see them out, just a glimpse in the corner of your eye in a crowded club because in reality, they can never be tracked down.

The Party Animal

the club stereotype
Source: Wales Online

The name speaks for itself. They have every club night down and planned and know all the best bars to go to in town on day one. Rarely rising before 2 pm, the party animal knows the routine is drink, dance, sleep, repeat. But they do it well. Open their wardrobe it’s pure party clothes, and in the kitchen, it’s merely mixers and pot noodles.

However, this can lead to serious burnout. Keep it balanced, kids!

Can I tell you about my gap year?

gap year stereotype
Source: Reddit

This one is unavoidable, it’s the trekking in Mongolia or the ski season. Be wary as it can be a time vacuum at a pres, and there is no escaping them. They are like a vortex of bullshit that prevents you from meeting anyone else at pre-drinks. What I will say is that the gap year usually does have some fun stories to tell, but they are worth always approaching in a group for the safety of the emergency escape.

The Overpacker

freshers stereotypes
Source: The Odyssey Online

These are the people who bring their entire lives to university. Suitcases and bags and more suitcases and more bags … of things you will never need or use. You are bringing your entire wardrobe and every possession you own. However, this has its advantages. You won’t find yourself thinking ‘I wish I’d packed that’, and your room will feel very homely and personal. At least you won’t get homesick!

The Free One

freshers stereotypes
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You have absolutely no expectations for freshers week. Rather than scheduling your entire week beforehand, you have opted instead to go with the flow and see where you end up on the night. No expectations equals no disappointment. Sometimes, putting pressure on freshers can destroy the experience. You are aware of this, so you aren’t letting yourself get caught up in the hype. Instead, you are going into university with a relaxed and open mindset.

Invent your own!

freshers stereotypes
Source: Fresh Student Living

Chances are, your freshers will be like no other. You will discover your own niche, probably outside the remit of any of these stereotypes. More likely, you’ll be mix of many, so enjoy the week while it lasts because there is so much to discover.  Always keep an eye for some of these stereotypes as not only are they a lot of fun, they often make up a pretty good group as a mix of people is what it is all about. So go out, explore freshers and what it has to offer and more importantly, who there is to meet there.