Georgia Kousoulou is famous for being a regular cast member of The Only Way Is Essex with her boyfriend, Tommy Mallet. As well as being a well-loved TV personality, she is also a strong hustler, and she has reportedly built up a net worth of $5 million. So, here’s what you need to know about Georgia Kousoulou, from how she built her net worth to her romance and career.

Growing Up

Georgia Kousoulou net worth
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Bought up in Essex by her mother, Mary, and Greek father, Luke, Georgia spent her childhood in what Daily Feed refers to as a ‘Massive Essex Mansion’. Her father stood as an Independent MP for Brentwood and Ogar in 2017. He claimed to want to use creativity to help with the communities social problems. And it is arguably through this that Georgia grew her business skills and knowledge, as well as bubbly personality and charm! And if you’re wondering where her ability to deal with drama comes from – she has a brother and a sister too.

TOWIE career and romance

TOWIE Career and Romance

Kousoulou joined TOWIE in 2014 – for series 11. She joined alongside Fran Parman and Grace Andrews. It is on the show that Georgia met Tommy Mallet, who she is in a long-term relationship with. The pair show their love publicly on the show but also in their actions like a heartfelt pumpkin, and their 2017 lover’s holiday to Mexico.

They left the show in 2021 to pursue other avenues and later got engaged in February 2022. The pair also welcomed a baby boy in May 2021, Brody Fordham.

Road to success: How Georgia Kousoulou made her net worth

Georgia Kousoulou Swimwear

Georgia has proved her worth as a strong businesswoman, as she has previously launched a swimwear brand and she also owns the So Glam hair and beauty salon in Essex. She is known for both of these as well as her appearance on the show. But more recently, she is also the owner of Boyfriend Tokyo, a Japanese inspired street clothing brand. Georgia Kousoulou also has her own swimwear brand, Summer Dreams.

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Her large income also comes from her social media channels. Her main Instagram account features brand collaborations and advertisements for a wide variety of products such as food, hair and beauty products and even dog treats! She is rumoured to get paid thousands of pounds for her Instagram posts, and stories as businesses want to be seen by her 1.5 million followers. In 2019, she launched her home account which focuses on her and boyfriend Tommy’s renovation of their Essex mansion, which shows off her design skills to followers.

Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallett’s mansion

Georgia Kousoulou net worth
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With their joined fortunes, from Tommy’s shoes and Georgia’s various fashion brands, the TOWIE couple have bought themselves a lovely new mansion in Essex. On the show and on their socials, the young lovers have shown their pricey abode to the general public through teasing shots and snippets. Like one of Georgia Kousoulou on a plush silver couch, or the two of them by an elegant marble staircase. Other photos the couple shared show a black, beige and white colour scheme, with beautiful touches across the house.

It’s safe to say that Georgia has cleverly made the most of her fame from The Only Way Is Essex. Her combined income with Tommy Mallet (who runs a highly successful trainers’ business) puts her net worth at an impressive amount and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the net worth of Georgia Kousoulou grow even more in the future.