WhatsApp group chats have quickly become a staple of modern society.

And just like the stereotypes at pre-drinks, lectures and other occasions, group chats also encourage certain types of behaviour from people.

But which one are you most like?

1. The waffler

You wake up in the morning to a message from them and for the rest of the day, you can guarantee that no matter when you check your phone, there will be some form of update from them. They literally never stop talking. Ever.

2. The ghost

Credit: Lostitgirl

They’re always a laugh whenever the group meet up but no matter how interesting or important the convo is on WhatsApp, they never reply but they always read the messages.

3. The gossip

These guys are always up to date with what’s going on from what happened to that couple on your course to what everyone got up to last Wednesday night. They literally know everything and will update the chat whenever they can with screenshots, pics and the latest news from campus.

4. The lurker

You literally have no idea why this person is even on the chat not only do they never reply but they never even read the messages either. But, somehow, they’re still there.

5. The planner

You may have mentioned in passing to them about doing something next weekend, big mistake. These keen lot are guaranteed to jump right on to any availability you have to plan the next get together, and they won’t stop until they make it happen.

6. The drunk

It’s 5am and you’ve not long left each other from the night out but this one has decided to continue the antics and profess their love for everyone on the group chat. You’ve decided you’ll reply in the morning.

7. The meme spammer

They don’t really add much else to the conversation apart from the occasional meme Saltbae, Kermit or Lolcats ever day brings a new meme from them.

8. The shade thrower

These guys are way worse than the group gossip because not only do they know everything about everyone but they’re willing to throw you under the bus for the sake of a bit of entertainment.

9. The banterer

Credit: Memegenerator.net

They can’t help but crack a joke even at the most inappropriate of times.

10. The advice seeker

These guys always need help with something whether its relationship advice or help deciding what to wear and their first port of call is always the group chat.

11. The ranter

Their Netflix has stopped working, someone in their seminar is getting on their nerves, they can’t find anything to wear. No matter the type or scale of the issue they are guaranteed to turn to the group chat to make their feelings known.

12. The BFFs

They’re the closest pair out of everyone in the group and their bond is literally unbreakable. They will openly speak about people you don’t know and share ‘private jokes’ in the chat, and you know they will be speaking in their own chat about the group convo.