He was thrust onto our radar eleven years ago on the X Factor as part of blue-eyed and sickly sweet boyband One Direction, but since then Harry Styles has skyrocketed to solo fame. He’s tread the ropes, making waves in music, fashion and film and has quickly become a household name. Eleven years on, let’s have a look at how far he has come,what exciting things are on his horizon and what Harry Styles’ net worth is.

Who is Harry Styles?

harry styles net worth
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For all those needing an updated profile, here’s a quick rundown on all things Styles. Harry Edward Styles was born on the 1st of February in 1994, which made him the youngest member of One Direction. He has three siblings, Gemma, Mike and Amy. He stands at a not too shabby 6ft but sorry ladies, he is rumoured to be shacked up with the glamorous actress Olivia Wilde. While no one knows the exact number, he is rumoured to have around 50 tattoos, including a butterfly, a ship and some lettering on his collarbone that says 17BLACK. None of snakes though, which are the animal he is most scared of. As of July of this year, he has nearly 40 million Instagram followers, but there’s a chance you’ll have seen him on the app elsewhere modelling for names such as Gucci and being featured in VOGUE.

Harry Styles net worth 2021

harry styles life
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At just 27, Harry is doing fairly well for himself; at the beginning of this year, he was estimated as having a net worth of almost £80 million… It’s a long way from his humble beginnings in Redditch, Worcestershire where as a teen, he worked in a local bakery. What hasn’t changed though, is his ability to get the dough! (We just had to make that joke…)

What’s Harry doing now?

harry styles my policeman
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He’s got some exciting things in the pipeline, perhaps the biggest of which is his work on My Policeman which finished filming in Italy last month. Based on the novel by Bethan Roberts, Styles will be starring alongside Emma Corrin, who you’ll know as Diana from The Crown, who quickly is becoming a superstar. While we haven’t been given a release date yet, there’s a load of buzz about the Amazon feature already. After Harry’s appearance in Dunkirk, we’re sure he’ll be a hit. My Policeman isn’t the only cinematic endeavour in Harry’s plans. He also will be featuring in the upcoming thriller ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ with a glittering ensemble including Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and trailblazing newcomer Florence Pugh. With so many films under his belt, Harry is quickly making a name for himself behind the camera as well as his successes in music.

Harry Styles has come a long way since he first came onto our screens back in 2010. He’s got accolades across the field; music, fashion, film-is there anything this man cannot do?