Some of the classic, standard stereotypes about students on certain courses seem to ring true across the nation, no matter which university you go to. You’re guaranteed to have come across at least a few of these stock characters out and about, so let’s have a look at what (99.9% of the time) your degree says about your personality. Warning: don’t take this list too seriously.


What your degree says about your personality- medicine/nursing
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Doing Medicine or Nursing comes with a natural superiority complex, for starters. It’s ironic when in reality, you’ll just be stuck at uni for years after everyone else has been and gone. That said, at least you’ll have the job security that humanities students can only dream of.

With one of the biggest workloads, you probably still party harder than everyone else somehow, yet still make it to your daily 9ams. I have to respect it!

Some of the things I’ve seen medics do on nights out though have made me pray I never get ill if that’s the future of the NHS.


What your degree says about your personality- economics
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You’ve probably had multiple people (whether jokingly or not) ask you why inflation exists when we could just print more money. You then tried to explain it to them to no avail, and it just made you come across as a little condescending.

If you’re a boy, there’s probably an element of superiority in there as well but chances are you’re only on that course for the money. You’ll be good with numbers, yes, but it doesn’t change how boring the content of your course really is.

If you’re a girl doing Economics, I like you already. It can’t be much fun being on such a heavily male-dominated course and constantly being talked over, so you have my support.


What your degree says about your personality- business
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Congratulations! You’re usually considered to be on one of the easiest courses out there (whether you agree or not). There might be some certain stereotypes about your intelligence that we won’t go into, but you have to agree: it’s really not quite as impressive as Economics, is it?

You probably spend half of your time defending your course, and the other half going on nights out. After all, just a couple of group projects per term can’t be too taxing a workload. Plus with so many jobs that a business degree can lead to, you’re having the last laugh. 


What your degree says about your personality- sociology
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On this female-dominated course, it’s pretty likely you’re a conventionally attractive blonde from the South. You probably idolise Marx. You also either chose Sociology as you have a real passion for social justice or you just had a laugh in Sociology lessons at school and thought it seemed easy enough.

Like most humanities, you probably don’t have too many contact hours. There’ll come the point in your degree though when you’re reminded that fieldwork and data analysis is a part of the subject – you probably won’t be happy about that at all (though you’ll use that to fuel your defence over the social sciences).


What your degree says about your personality- History
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Whether you realise it now or not, chances are you’re headed towards being a history teacher or librarian in a small town. That’s unless you take the only other route and do a law conversion.

You probably loved History at school and most likely have a borderline questionable passion for a specific historical period. Immediate red flag if yours is one of the World Wars…

You just have to do a lot of boring reading and your go-to look is usually a turtleneck, casual blazer and glasses for fashion (when you don’t actually need them to see).


What your degree says about your personality- psychology
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In the nicest way possible, there’s a chance you’re slightly unhinged. That’s just based on stereotypes, of course. 

You find yourself having to learn a million case studies for all of your modules, and it’s exhausting. If you’re annoying, you like to psychoanalyse and diagnose everyone else’s behaviour except your own. And honestly, if you thought taking Psychology meant you were going to make some amazing groundbreaking discoveries and become everyone’s resident therapist, you’re in for some bad news. 


What your degree says about your personality- sciences
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While you’re probably very academically intelligent, there’s a chance you’re lacking in emotional awareness. Often the uniform for sciences seems to be a leavers hoodie and an overly big backpack – you’ll spot them in and out of the library, and rarely anywhere else (maybe the odd pub trip, once every other month).

That is, apart from when they’ve got labs, which honestly I always just picture as a group of scientists in white coats standing around making Harry Potter-style potions. Though apparently, it’s nowhere near as interesting.

You either hate everyone else on your course or are only friends with people who do the same subject as you.


What your degree says about your personality-politics
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Your grandparents are probably super proud, telling everyone they know that you’re going to be the next Prime Minister. In reality, you’re probably just argumentative and either very right-wing or extremely liberal; there’s no in-between. So naturally, you probably don’t get on with half of your coursemates.

There are always a few Politics students who love to play the devil’s advocate when no one asks them to. Uniform-wise, an image of a few posh Hugos and Ruperts wearing signet rings and Ralph Lauren quarter-zip fleeces immediately comes to mind.

Liberal Arts

What your degree says about your personality- liberal arts
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You’re probably painfully edgy, indie and ‘not like other girls’. With brightly-coloured hair and a cigarette in one hand, you’re getting a taste of a few different humanities and creative subjects neatly rolled into one degree.

You definitely get a lot of hate from students doing STEM subjects, but it’s okay because you think you’re cooler than them anyway. You probably care a lot more about your Instagram aesthetic than you really should. Instead, maybe start thinking a bit more about what you’re ever actually going to do with your degree in life.


What your degree says about your personality-engineering
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I’ll be honest with you, no one has any idea what Engineering actually is (and if they say they do, they’re lying).

Your schedule is so packed it’s unbelievable. The highlight of your course? At best, the probably mandatory placement year you have coming up. How exciting!

You’re probably smart, but boring. There’s nothing too exciting about the course or the people who do it. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.


What your degree says about your personality- languages
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Standard language students can often be overheard bragging pretentiously about how amazing their gap year was, and how honoured they were to immerse themselves in whatever culture. The highlight of your course is, without doubt, your compulsory year abroad – but don’t forget all the boring grammar and tenses you have to learn before you jet off.

You’ve heard that knowing another language makes you more employable, so you ran with it. This is a polite request to stop over-pronouncing words or correcting people whenever your chosen language is involved. Let’s be honest, you’re far from fluent.


What your degree says about your personality- law
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As a law student you’re extremely stressed, burnt-out and on the verge of a mental breakdown at any given point. Kind of understandable due to the inhumane amount of boring reading you have to do, but realistically you chose to sign yourself up for that. It definitely doesn’t help that you’ve probably heard the same “oh, so you’re gonna get me out of jail if I need you to?” joke a million times.

I’m willing to bet you’ve seen at least two out of three from Suits, How to Get Away With Murder and Law & Order, though you’ll soon see that the real world in the law sector is nothing like it is on TV. That is, if you manage to succeed in such a competitive industry. Good luck getting an internship at your chosen fancy law firm, you’ll need it.

Sports Science

What your degree says about your personality- sports science
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When it comes to Sports Science, all I’m picturing is a six-foot rugby boy whose entire personality is summed up by the gym, protein powder and VKs. We get it, you were good in PE at school.

Chances are you’re on track to becoming either a personal trainer or PE teacher? Who actually knows what Sports Science graduates even do?

So from engineers to sociologists, there’s our idea of what your degree says about you. For more light-hearted stereotypes of university degrees, take a look at The degrees the Bridgerton characters would take if they went to university.