With results day approaching, don’t panic if your A levels don’t go as well as you hope, as there are many options including retaking A Levels. Many students experience the stress of taking A Levels, so the idea of retaking them can be quite scary. However, many students want to retake them to ensure that they achieve the best possible grade in order to progress in their careers. So read on to ease your mind about the cost of retaking A Levels.

Why should you consider retaking your A Levels?

How much does it cost to retake a levels in the UK?
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Many people view A Levels as an important stepping stone in their academic career, especially when they are considering applying to university. When you do not meet the required grades for the university of your choice, you may go into clearing. But clearing is not a bad thing – it provides you with the chance to explore other university options and courses that you may not have considered previously. There have been many instances where people find a course and university that they enjoy through clearing.

However, other students may prefer to retake their A Levels as they have a strong desire to get into their university and course of choice. Moreover, if you have a dream career that requires a certain degree, it may be best to retake your A Levels. Also, there is the possibility that you may rush into a degree through clearing and dislike it. So remember that retaking your A Levels is always an option.

The cost of retaking your A Levels

How much does it cost to retake a levels in the UK?
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Now to the main question about retaking your A Levels; how much does it cost? The cost of retaking A Levels varies since there are many factors involved. Usually, it costs around £175 per subject but this varies depending on where and how you decide to retake your A Levels. There are two types of fees that you have to consider when retaking your A Levels. The first fee is the tuition/course fee which is the cost of relearning the subject. Whereas, the second fee is the examination fee which is the cost of retaking the actual exams. The price range for retaking your A Levels varies from £60 to a whopping £400.

However, there are ways to curb these prices. For example, deciding to retake your A Levels at your school means that your tuition fee will be covered by your school since they will most likely take you back without charging you for the tuition fee. But you will still have to pay the examination fee. However, if you decide to retake your A Levels at a college you have not previously attended there is a chance that you will be charged for both fees. Generally, costs vary especially for the ways in which you learn the content. For instance, the price of using a private tutor would be significantly more than going back to your school.

What are the options for retaking A Levels?

What are the options for retaking A levels?
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The main decision is up to you! There are many options when it comes to retaking your A Levels and these depend on factors like your budget, your comfortability and how you learn best. A Levels are extremely important in helping you progress to the next stage in your life, hence, you need to choose the best option for you. The main ways to retake your A Levels are at school, an examination centre, college or online.


Schools are one of the cheapest options when retaking your A Levels. Since you previously attended, your school will most likely cover the course fee and you will not have to pay. Although this may sound ideal, some people may dislike their school or just want a change of environment. However, there is a possibility that your teachers may help you more since you have built that rapport with them. You have to decide what is best for you!


Another option is college. If you have not previously attended the college, you will have to pay for the course and examination fee. However, you may find that you prefer the teaching environment of college over your school. Moreover, people often prefer the independence that comes with attending college. Nevertheless, you may have to adjust to a new environment and make new friends which can become distracting.

Examination centre

An examination centre is another option if you want to stay out of mainstream education. However, you will need to get a tutor and pay for tuition fees which will add to the cost. Also, examination centres set their own prices which can range up to £400 so make sure to look around and find the best deal.


Retaking your A Levels online is also an option. There are many websites that offer students the ability to do A Level courses online as well as find 1:1 tutors. You will need to pay for these online courses but they are quite affordable. It is important to note that you will not be able to take your exams online so you will have to arrange a place to do your actual retakes.

Tips for retaking your A Levels

 Tips for retaking your A levels
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Here are my top tips for retaking A Levels:

  1. Don’t stress. You have had the experience of sitting your A Level exams which means you have a better idea of what to expect and what areas you should improve in.
  2. Budget. The cost of retaking A Levels can be quite expensive so budget and look around for the most cost-effective way of retaking your A Levels.
  3. Revise. Retaking your A Levels means you already have an idea of what the paper is like so use this to your advantage. In addition, looking back at past papers and practising exam questions are great strategies for revision. Check out our top tips for exam revision!

Overall, how you decide to retake your exams depends on different factors. Choose what is best for you! Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions on the cost of retaking A Levels. For more information, read our guide to applying to university without A Levels.