Moving to university involves making lots of decisions; halls or student renting? Catered or self-catered? And laptop or iPad? Well, we’ve got the answer you need to laptops vs iPads: which is better for university?

Laptops vs iPads for university


If you’re leaning towards getting a laptop for university, here are some of the perks.

1. Easier to type on 

Unless you buy a Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet, the majority of people find an actual keyboard easier to type on than a tablet screen. Plus, when you type on the iPad, you suddenly lose half of your screen capacity to allow for the keyboard to pop up. Laptops don’t have this issue, and provide a much more ergonomic typing experience too – look after those hands!

Laptops vs iPads for university

2. Bigger screens 

Usually, a laptop screen will be bigger than an iPad. This does, of course, depend on the model of both, but a large laptop won’t cost quite as much as the bigger iPads like the ‘pro’ range at £999! You can get Chromebooks, HP or even some Macbooks for less than that, which will still have all the screen size you want.

3. Harder to break 

Generally speaking, laptops have a bit more protection than your iPad will. Of course, you can buy cases and such, but this then adds additional costs. Laptops close and protect the screen when in transit, and generally, they’re dropped much less than tablets are.

Laptops vs iPads for university

4. Easier to position

One of the banes of your existence if you rely solely on an iPad will be trying to position it right (whether that be on a stand, with a case, or leaning precariously on your knee). Alternatively, laptops sit perfectly atop your lap (clue is in the name, really). This makes lectures a lot easier, but it also makes Netflix in bed a much simpler activity. No need to stack up a pile of never-read textbooks to balance your iPad, just plop your laptop on your bedside table and watch away.


Alternatively, if you’re thinking more about an iPad for university, there are perks there, too.

Laptops vs iPads for university

1.Easier to carry

iPads were made to go. They are sleek, light and easy to carry around. They slide in any tote bag next to your books, or are the right size for you to just hold in your arms as you run from lecture to lecture. You don’t have to worry about them flapping open, and they’re super thin.

2.More apps

An iPad has access to the Apple App Store, which means you’re likely to be able to download a whole bunch of useful apps that you might not be able to download on a laptop. If these are things that you think you’ll need, or even want, then it may be worth splashing out for an iPad. However, it is also worth considering that there will be things that work better on desktop (a laptop) than iPads, like Steam.

Laptops vs iPads for university

3.Great connectivity

Apple products are really good at talking to each other. So if you have an iMac, iPhone or even an iPod already, then an iPad will easily slot into your tech family. You can get it connected to your other products, and they’ll all work on the same account and sync with one another. This can be really useful if you often travel around and need access to your documents.

4.Easy creativity

It is well known that iPads have definite perks for those creative minds among us. Whether you’re using Garage Band, Procreate or the Apple Pen, Apple has made these little tablets perfect for any arts, architecture or design students. So if that’s you, then they’re definitely worth considering.

Laptops vs iPads for university

So, laptop vs iPad: which is better for university?

Well, it would seem that both laptops and iPads have a whole range of individual pros. The iPad is easier to lug around with you on campus, but swing your bag too hard and it might break. Alternatively, the laptop will take up a bit more space, but it also won’t fall off of your knee during a lecture.

The choice kind of depends on what your interests and course are. If you’re an arts student who has an iPhone and loves photography, then an iPad is the best option. But you may need to also invest in an Apple Pen. If you’re a maths student who is super into League of Legends, then 100% opt for a laptop.