First dates are always the most exciting, but they can also be the most nerve-wracking. Sometimes, the idea of dating can get too much, so it’s best to keep things low key and calm at first. But the question is, where do you go? It’s all about striking the balance of taking off the pressure without looking like you’ve put no effort in at all. So here are the perfect low key date ideas to help you get it just right.

Ice-cream date

ice cream is a low key first date ideas

Everyone loves ice cream, so obviously it’s the perfect idea for a low key first date. You don’t need to dress up, it’s cheap, and you still get the chance to talk to the other person. Most of the time you probably won’t even have to book, but just remember that if you’re going on a sunny day, it will probably be busy. There are loads of ice cream parlours around, or you could try strolling around a park with one. Either way, it’s got that retro, cute feel and best of all – zero pressure.


Low key first date ideas

Bowling is another great low key first date idea. It’s so low effort, that all you really have to do is book the lane if you’re going on a busy night. It’s a chill game that’s great for breaking the ice and getting to know someone. Just don’t get too competitive, or you might ruin your chances! You could even go with friends so it’s more casual and relaxed, then play on the same team as your date.

Crazy golf

Crazy golf is always fun, and the worse you are at it, the more funny it can get. You will probably have to book this, as it can get pretty busy, but it’s a great idea where you can do something, and also still have the chance to talk to your date! This usually isn’t expensive, so it’s perfect if you want something on the cheaper side that is still pretty fun.

Go out for drinks

Low key first date ideas
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This is a more obvious date idea, but still a really good one for a low key first date. You can take your date to your favourite place to drink, or be adventurous and try somewhere new with them. If you do end up choosing this one, you will have to be pretty good at talking, since there won’t be anything else to do. But this can be the best way to get to know someone Just don’t get too drunk!


cinema is a great date low key first date idea

The cinema is a classic low key first date idea, but it isn’t always the best one to go for. It’s a great way to spend some time with your date if you’re a bit nervous, but it’s obviously not the best place to talk to someone. It really depends how you feel. Although, it’s a nice way to spend time with someone, and if you go out afterwards you can talk about the movie you both just watched. If it’s a terrible movie, don’t worry, just do something afterwards to save the date!

Go on a games night

Low key first date ideas
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This is one of the best date ideas, because who doesn’t love games? There are so many game bars popping up around cities, so it’s a perfect place to have a date. Bars like NQ64 have a bunch of old-school arcade games, consoles, and some more modern games as well, making it a really fun night. If you’re in a city, some bars also have table tennis tables, which is always a fun game to break the ice. You can always go to a regular arcade as well and test your skills on air hockey.

Bake something

low key first date idea

If you’re comfortable with inviting your date around to your house, baking is such a fun low key first date idea! You will obviously need to buy ingredients in advance, and make sure you have all the cooking gear, but apart from that it’s a pretty simple date that doesn’t need much effort. And there will be something delicious to eat after! Even if whatever you baked turned out bad, you’ll probably have fun just doing the baking in the first place, so it won’t really matter!

Dates don’t have to be fancy for you to both have a good time! If you’re still worried about that perfect first date, read our article on the best and worst first date questions!