Part of student life is learning about yourself. Another part is about learning to live with other students. Finding out what type of housemate you are in our ultimate quiz will help you with both of those.

Are you the type of person who loves their space, or keeps everyone entertained with fun group activities? Are you the kind of housemate who’s constantly cleaning or cooking, or are you more chilled out, or perhaps the wild party animal that does either? Our quiz reveals six of the most common types of housemates you can find in most student homes, so you can find out which housemate personality type you identify with the most.

Our questions uncover things like cleaning habits, laundry habits and attitudes towards house parties. You’ll also be asked scenario-based questions like what would you do with leftover pizza, or how would you console a fellow housemate (or if you would at all). There are 20 questions overall in the which type of housemate are you quiz, which takes about 10 mins!

Take the Unifresher quiz to find out which type of housemate you are!

So which housemate personality type were you?

Did the quiz reveal the housemate personality you expected? Are you surprised to find out you’re the Party Animal, or did you already know your love for hosting ragers every weekend? Maybe you’re the Neat Freak and this just confirmed what your friends have been joking about for ages. Whatever the result, it’s all in good fun!

But what about your actual housemates? Did they get assigned the roles you thought they would? Is your bestie the Chill Mate you always turn to when you need to unwind after a long day? Or perhaps your quiet housemate really is the Ghost, sneaking in and out without a sound. It’s always interesting to see how different personalities mix and match in a shared living space.

It’s important to remember that most people fit into different categories depending on how they act in certain situations. Maybe you’re a Party Animal on the weekends but a Neat Freak when it comes to your own space. Or perhaps you’re a Chill Mate who turns into the Entertainer whenever there’s a reason to celebrate. This quiz is designed to reflect your most dominant type, the personality that shines through most often.

Here’s a fun challenge: share the quiz with your housemates and see what results they get. It can be a great way to understand each other better and might even spark some interesting conversations. Plus, knowing your housemates’ personalities can help you navigate living together more harmoniously (alternatively, read our guide on what to do if you don’t like your uni flatmates). If everyone understands each other’s quirks and preferences, it makes for a much happier home (sometimes)!

So, what’s your next step? If you’re the Party Animal, maybe consider planning a low-key night in every now and then. If you’re the Neat Freak, try to relax a little if things get a bit out of place. And if you’re the Ghost, maybe join your housemates for a meal or a movie night once in a while. OR – if you’re the messy one, read about how to do laundry to stop relying on others (or dirty clothes). It’s all about balance and making sure everyone feels comfortable and happy in the place you all call home.

Last Updated on June 24, 2024