Each and every winter, Saturday night telly gets that little bit better. We get the gifts of I’m A Celeb, Strictly Come Dancing, and the fan favourite – X-Factor. But how much does X-Factor actually help aspiring artists reach their dreams of stardom? Well, it would seem so for some artists, these are the richest stars to come from the X-Factor.

1. One Direction

The richest stars from X-Factor One Direction
Source: Vulture

Since they came 3rd in 2010, One Direction has reached all corners of the world. We all know them, and they might not be your favourite boy band but it’s guaranteed that you’ll know at least a couple of their hit songs. As a band, even on hiatus, they have a combined net worth of at least $340 million. Individually, it breaks down with Harry Styles at the top, worth $75 million. Then followed by Niall and Louis, who are both worth $70 million. Then Zayn, at $65 million, followed by Liam at $60 million.

They are by far the most successful, richest X-Factor stars, and are still earning as we speak!

2. Little Mix

The richest stars to come from X-factor Little Mix
Source: The Independent

Just like 1D, we all know at least one Little Mix song. The band won in 2011, and since then have been played everywhere, and rightly so! These girls are the second richest stars to come from the X-Factor, earning £30 million collectively since they formed in 2011. In 2019 alone, they earnt £9 million. Not bad for 4 Londoners!

And again, just like 1D, they are still earning every day. In fact, they’ve still got singles in the charts a month on from the release of their album Confetti.

3. Leona Lewis

the richest stars from X-factor Leona Lewis
Source: Wikipedia

Leona won in 2006, and as of 2019 was worth £19 million. But what has helped her get there? She hasn’t been at the forefront of the music scene lately, but that’s because she’d been busy… very busy. Not only has she been in Cats, signed on to a modelling agency, and on top of that, is an animal welfare activist. So she’s keeping busy, and earning a little more than a modest wage!

4. Jedward

richest stars to come from x-factor Jedward
Source: The Independent

Yes, you read right. The Irish twins are up there on the richest stars to come from the X-Factor. Since coming 6th in 1009, the twins performed for Eurovision in 2011 to represent Ireland, and ended up coming 8th. All of this explains their net worth of £6.3 million.

5. Olly Murs

richest stars to come from x-factor Olly Murs
Source: Wikipedia

Coming second on the show in 2009, Olly Murs has since released 6 studio albums, and has also tried his hand in presenting and in acting. He’s also working his way up on social media, where he posted Tik Toks pranking his girlfriend in their home throughout lockdown. He’s currently worth an estimated £4.75 million.

So there you have it, X-Factor really does help people reach dreams of stardom. $75 million dreams of stardom! We wonder if anyone will ever take the 1D boys’ lead title from them…