With UK weather reaching record high temperatures recently, people are scrambling for ways to simply cool down. Sprinkling a hosepipe over your body may lose its novelty after a while, so why not indulge in a bit of naturist swimming? It may be scary at first, but submerging yourself in cool waters can feel not just refreshing but also liberating. Why not try it this summer? Dive into the best places to go naturist swimming in the UK, keeping you cool all summer long.

1. Brighton Beach, East Sussex

brighton naturist swimming
Source: Kent Live

Opening in 1980 as one of the top nudist hotspots in the UK, Brighton Beach offers great temperatures year-round for naturist or wild swimming. With the nudist section of the beach located on the east end of the seafront promenade, swimmers can be assured that no prying eyes disturb their time. Lined with colourful beach huts and vibrant eateries, visitors can expect a lovely, fun day out.

2. Lower Largo Beach, Fife

Lower Largo Beach naturist swimming
Source: Days Out Scotland

This quaint beach is located in the picturesque village of Lower Largo on the coast of Fife. Offering up to three miles of golden sand, this glorious location serves fantastic views whilst keeping its naturist swimmers protected. Lower Largo was the birthplace of Alexander Selkirk, a celebrated explorer who led expeditions in the 1700s. If you need a bit of cultural enrichment, why not venture to his bronze statue located outside his former home in Lower Largo.

3. Leysdown Shellness Naturist Beach, Kent

shellness naturist beach
Source: Kent Live

With up to 100 nudists visiting this beach on busy weekends in the summer, you can expect a fun and lively day out at Leysdown. Located just a short distance away from Leysdown beach, a hidden stretch of and shingles and shells make way for the nudists. Despite the temperature being generally warm, Leysdown can get windy, so make sure to bring windbreakers!

4. Budleigh Salterton, Devon

devon naturist beach
Source: BBC

New to the nudist experience? Budleigh Salterton may be the place to start. With a two-mile pebble beach clearly signposted with the nudist section, there is plenty of space to spread out and enjoy basking in the summer heat without feeling conscious of others. Budleigh Salterton is a small and quiet seaside town, making it the perfect location for retired naturist swimmers or people who simply don’t want to be within the hustle and bustle.

5. Blackgang Beach, Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight naturist beach
Source: Wild Swimming

At the Southern end of Chale Bay, you can expect to find the nudist beach. Boasting isolation and stretches of sand, this place is perfect for a summer-time dip. Fancy a walk? Why not explore the surrounding areas (whilst clothed) on your way back from the beach?

6. Slapton Sands, Devon

devon naturist beach
Source: Devon Live

Despite not being recognised as a nudist beach, Slapton Sands is a much-loved hotspot for naturists. Boasting crystal clear waters and vast expanses of sand, this beach will make you feel like you are bathing on an exotic island. As a result of a landslip, access to the original nudist section became impossible. Now, naturists can use the closer, northern section of the beach, making it more accessible for nudists.

7. Perran Sands Beach, Cornwall

Perran Sands naturist beaches
Source: Naturist Holidays

Situated on the north Cornwall coast, Perran Sands, also known as Perranporth, is a popular destination for nudist swimmers. Enjoy a day of leisurely swimming before having a drink in one of the local pubs situated just above the beach. Why not prolong your visit and stay in the local village caravan park?

8. Porthkidney Beach, Cornwall

cornwall naturist beaches
Source: NatCorn

This secluded and vast beach is perfect for someone not quite used to nudist swimming. With plenty of shades enclaves and sand dunes, you can be sure to seek some privacy whilst trying out this new activity. Situated just two miles from the picturesque harbour town of St Ives, Porthkidney makes the perfect spot to strip off before heading back to town for some drinks and food.

9. Studland Beach, Dorset

dorset naturist beach
Source: Dorset Guide

Suited to more experienced naturists, Studland beach is a very famous attraction for nudist swimmers. Dating back to the 1920s, Studland’s nudist section is in the middle of the 3 mile long stretch of sandy beach. With no shady spots or enclaves to hide yourselves away in, this beach is very much exposed and liberating yet no less fun!

10. Fairlight Glen Beach, East Sussex

East sussex naturist beach
Source: Naturist Guide

Much different to the other beaches mentioned in this article, Fairlight Glen Beach is surrounded by wild forests and beautiful views of Covehurst Bay. If you don’t fancy lounging on the sand all day, why not take a stroll through the vibrant wildflowers and connect with nature? This secluded spot makes for an idyllic getaway!