Whether you’re halfway through your A-Levels and the thought of the first day of uni seems ages away, or a week away from starting your degree, the first day of uni comes around a lot quicker than you expect! You may start feeling nervous about the thought of it. You may start questioning “How do I make friends?”. Well, one way in which you can get conversations flowing is by what you are wearing! It will give people a good first impression and will make you seem approachable from the get-go! Therefore, I’ve pulled together some different first day of uni outfit ideas, alongside the type of impression it might give off!

This guide will hopefully give you some inspiration for the upcoming academic year alongside some reassurance that the right crowd of people won’t actually care what you wear! Keep an eye out for these pieces when you next go clothes shopping with your bestie!

5 outfit ideas for your first day of uni

If you’re stuck on what to wear for your first day at university, then get inspiration from these easy-to-copy looks.

1. A matching tracksuit 


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A matching tracksuit never goes a miss! Whether it’s grey on grey, black on black or pink on pink, you’ll be starting your first day in true comfort! You’ll already be pressured academically so why put pressure on yourself to wear the tightest of clothing? If you wear tighter clothing, you’ll be constantly distracted by how it looks and how it feels that you won’t actually focus on what you are at university to do. In my opinion, you’ll look very approachable – particularly if the tracksuit matches! You’ll definitely manage to bag a compliment from someone in the lecture hall. Bonus points if you can get the trainers to match but that’s a conversation for another time!

2. Leggings and a hoodie/jumper

basic first day of uni outfit ideas for girls
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Another ‘basic’ outfit but honestly, it’s another outfit that gives you so much comfort! Black leggings on the bottom but a pop of colour on the top and you are all sorted! If your jumper has a motif/logo on it, that’ll draw people to want to talk to you. If they notice you are wearing the latest Billie Eilish merch, for example, you are bound to draw people’s attention as that makes them aware you are a Billie fan! The conversations will lead to talking about her new album release (which is amazing by the way!) and your opinions on it and so far. I wouldn’t advise all black as by default, you are making yourself blend in the background and not stand out! If you want people to notice you, then some colour is needed! This is where the hoodie or jumper comes in clutch.

3. Baby tee and jeans

first day of uni outfit ideas: baby tee and jeans
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This outfit is another staple piece in a uni student’s wardrobe! Similar to hoodies and jumpers, baby tees have loads of cool and quirky designs to subtly show off your interests. I recommend H&M and Primark for cheap ones that do the job! When you’re at university, you’ll want to make your life as easy as possible so chucking on a quick cute tee in the morning when you are in a rush for your lectures is a win if you ask me. Now, when talking about jeans, we are NOT talking about skinny jeans. We are talking about slouchy mom jeans that feel like you are wearing tracksuit bottoms. Mom jeans achieve comfort and give the impression that you look retrospectively stylish which is a win in my eyes! The baby tee and jeans combo can easily be accessorised with a chunky belt or an oversized jacket or both! If I wanted to feel less ‘basic’, this outfit would be my go-to.


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4. Knitted jumper, skirt, and tights

first day of uni outfit ideas: knitted jumper, skirt and tights
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Whenever I have the opportunity to wear this outfit, I always feel like I’m from Clueless (1995). In other words, I feel sophisticated. If you feel that the previous three outfits are a bit ‘boring’ and ‘not really your thing’ then this outfit would be a perfect option for you! I seem to find the best knitted jumpers on ASOS, the best skirts from New Look and the best tights from Amazon! Tights can be a nightmare as you want long-lasting ones that don’t rip within the first few wears! Even if they are a bit pricier, this probably means they will last a lot longer. Skirts can also be a nightmare as you have to decide what style of skirt: do you want a pencil, a denim, a slip, a wrap, or a leather? That’s only your first obstacle! You then have to decide what length: maxi, midi or mini? You just have to try a few different styles to see what you like! If you want to go full sophistication mode, a mini pencil skirt does the trick! The knitted jumper really does give the impression that you are the studious type, so you’ll be making friends on the first day in no time!

5. White top, mini dress, and tights

mini dress
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white top
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This outfit is pretty similar to the one before in terms of looking sophisticated. It introduces the idea of layering by adding the white top underneath the dress. You want to be able to look stylish and feel warm, particularly because uni starts for most in September. You don’t want to freeze to death on your first day so the white top and tights will save you massively. If you want to add more things to your outfit, you can add some leg warmers! I have some white fluffy ones that always make me feel that extra bit cute! However, if that’s a bit too ‘out there’ for you then you can always test the waters without and see how you feel!

Once the first week of university is over, you’ll stop stressing about how you look and what you’re wearing as you realise that nobody actually cares! If they do care, they are not your people! As long as you are wearing something you like, then your first day of university will be a breeze! Now, the next set of outfits you’ll take more enjoyment planning is for Wednesday socials, clubbing and house parties! If you want to get a head-start, then read here!

Here’s some more inspiration from students’ first day of uni outfit choices…



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