So, what’s in your lazy student meal plan this week? As a student, you’re expected to organise your time effectively. The problem is that this is a lot harder than it seems. Finding the time to revise, attend lectures, socialise and stay healthy can be almost impossible on a busy schedule, something has to give.


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If you want to make the most of your time, cutting corners by making reliably quick, tasty meals might be a solution to consider. This article will provide a quick rundown of a few classic lazy meals that most students will rely on during their time at uni.

Now then, let’s get on to the list.

The English Breakfast

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Ah, the English Breakfast. Dating back to the 13th century, this national dish has been a staple of British cuisine since forever and a favourite of university students for just as long. An excellent hangover cure and straightforward to cook, the English breakfast is the kind of meal you could make in your sleep. Speaking of hangovers, we’ve compiled a list of easy hangover cures to get you through freshers in one piece.

While obviously intended for breakfast (I mean it’s in the name), feel free to make this modest masterpiece during any hour of your day. Why not save even more of your day by making your English breakfast all in one pan too?

Stir fry

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Who doesn’t love a good stir fry? They’re healthy, super quick to rustle up and don’t require many ingredients! Stir fries are perfect for any occasion and are cheaper than ordering a Chinese. Just don’t forget the soy sauce!

Eggs – any way you want them

If you’re lucky enough to have a full box of eggs in your fridge – since they’re difficult to spot in Aldi these days – please make use of them for the rest of us. Eggs might well be the original lazy student meal plan dish. They only take a second to rustle up, fitting nicely into your stressful uni schedule. Whether you like it scrambled, fried, poached or whipped into a flavoursome omelette the choice is yours! Anything featuring eggs is guaranteed to be a hit so why not invest in a couple this week? PLUS, they’re also pretty healthy and one of the best brain foods for studying. 


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You knew this was coming… I mean what’s a lazy student meal plan list without fajitas? An essential for gym lovers, Fajitas work because they support an active lifestyle. Filled with loads of protein to keep you energised, wrap them in a corn tortilla wrap to enjoy on the go.


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Living off noodles is practically a rite of passage as a student. Whether you enjoy them straight out of the pot or prefer to cook them yourself, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of noodles. The guaranteed flavour of noodles alongside its super quick preparation makes it an instant lazy student meal plan essential.


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Much like the English breakfast, granola started as your typical breakfast. However, over time it became a popular lazy student snack, perfect for any time of the day. Add your fruits, nuts and seeds and you’ve got yourself a powerful that’ll keep you fuelled throughout the day. Healthy meals such as granola are ideal because they help maximise brain power and performance. If you’re looking for some easy, wholesome meals, we have more inspiration for healthy meals on a budget.


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While a cheat meal, pizza is an important addition to any lazy student’s meal plan. Deep dish or thin crust, it simply doesn’t matter.  A pizza is a guaranteed good time. Pulling a pizza out of the oven with the perfect amount of crispiness is scientifically proven to taste amazing and increase dopamine levels. Also, because pizza is so easy to prepare you get to save precious time appeasing lazy students in the process.

Try and spice things up a little by adding feta cheese or pepperoni. Or why not try making a salad to go with your meal? 

Honourable mention: The Oven 

This small segment is dedicated to the oven. So many of our favourite lazy student meals wouldn’t be possible without them. From chips to tray bakes, roast vegetables and meat, the oven is a literal lifesaver. It’s also great if you’re looking for an excuse to empty your fridge. It can make anything taste nice! add some seasoning, and your favourite oil, turn on the heat then prepare to eat (just remember to keep an eye on the time).

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How does the lazy student meal plan look for you?

In a perfect world, we’d have plenty of time to prepare our favourite meals. Let them marinate overnight and take your time eating them. Unfortunately, at university, this is rarely the case. Having a strict lecture timetable forces you to get creative now and then. Relying on a few cheeky, cost-effective meals, that are quick to make and most of all taste great does go a long way.  Who knew being practical and creative could save so much time, money and effort?

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