Since the introduction of Instagram back in 2010, everything that we knew to be true, has changed massively. The way we engage with others in the online sphere, the oversharing of our personal lives and the way that we do business has shifted. The emergence of social media marketing has not only shifted the way corporations promote their products but has also shifted the job market through the creation of new jobs.

The rise in influencer marketing created new opportunities for young adults and professionals. Becoming an “influencer” has become the dream of many. All possible by simply sharing your life and posting about anything you can think of, whether it is fashion, food, beauty, even politics or sport. An “influencer” status grants you around $30,000 to $100,000 of yearly income, with paid Instagram promotion ranging from $80 to $1,000per post according to Fox. With this in mind, let’s look at the most paid influencers in the UK right now.

15. Molly-Mae Hagues

Molly-Mae is a 21-year-old former Love Island star who is well known for her great looks, and brilliant holiday snaps with boo Tommy Fury. She’s got a whopping 5.1 million Instagram followers, a tanning brand, a PLT collection, and a net worth of £800,000. If you want to know how she got there, read our tell-all piece here.

14. Saffron Baker

At the age of 19, Saffron has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 2.49 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. Saffron shares her life in vlogs and often shows her family members in her youtube videos.

She has scored a book deal, and her book got published in 2017, titled Saffron Barker Vs Real LifeMy perfectly filtered life (Sort of. But not really at all). Her net worth is currently estimated at £900K. She has also starred in the popular tv series Strictly Come Dancing.

13. Georgia Kousolou, Jack Fincham, Chloe Sims

Georgia Kousoulou

If you aren’t familiar with Georgia, then you’re missing out! TOWIE star and influencer, Georgia Kousoulou also owns the So Glam! hair salon in Essex, where she was born and raised. Between all of this, she’s managed to earn a net worth of £1 million.

Chloe Sims

Chloe is a TOWIE star who is now making more of a name for herself! She’s recently been receiving a wealth of support after being seen on set for the show with her 15-year-old daughter. Throughout her career, she has managed to get herself a net worth of £1 million.

Jack Fincham

Once a stationery salesman from Essex, Jack Fincham made a name for himself on Love Island 2018 when he won the show with Dani Dyer. He has made his net worth of £1 million through brand deals with McDonald’s and Protein World.

12. Megan Barton

Former Love Island star Megan is known for her string of lovers from Love Island onwards. She’s also made herself a name on OnlyFans, reportedly earning £800k a month from the platform! This all contributes to her net worth of £1.1 million.

11. Victoria Magrath, Olivia Atwood

Victoria Magrath

The 31-year-old Blogger, Youtuber and Influencer has 961.7K Instagram followers and gives us daily doses of Instagram pictures of her life. The fashion mogul started her journey to fame through her blog In the Frow and is now full-time all things luxury influencer.

Married in 2019, Victoria has worked with the largest world brands and launched her own collections. At her current pace, the blogger is one of the most south after influencers at is estimated to have around £1.2million of net worth.

Olivia Attwood

Love Islander Olivia Atwood has recently been in the news for shaming her fellow influencers for trips away to Dubai and other luxury holidays during the COVID pandemic. But she’s most well known for her role on the reality show, and for her Instagram work. All together, this has gained her a net worth of £1.2 million.

10. Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallett is Georgia’s partner, who is also a TOWIE star – despite having grown up in Islington. Since reaching fame, Tommy has begun a footwear brand called Mallett Footwear and has built himself a net worth of over £1.2 million. If you want to find out more, you can read here!

9. Gabby Allen, Kady McDermott

Gabby Allen

Professional dancer and personal trainer, Gabby Allen was not just a Love Islander but has worked in iconic London studios as a fitness coach. Her career has not only granted her fame but a net worth of £1.3 million.

Kady McDermott

Kady was instantly snapped up on Love Island in 2016, and since coming out of the show, has been busy creating and running a fitness app (Body Goals by Kady) and By Kady, a beauty company. Between these efforts, she’s earnt herself a net worth of £1.3 million.

8. Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr entered our online screens back in the last decade! Starting her Youtube channel back in 2009, Tanya now has 3.32 million subscribers on Youtube and 3 million followers on Instagram.

Through daily vlogging and Instagram content, the 31-year-old has earned collaborations with beauty brands, such as Dior, or jewellery brand Missoma London. This has drafted her net worth to be estimated at  £1.6million, according to the Independent.

Furthermore, the influencer shifted her work sphere into acting and has now acted in 9 television and stage roles. This girl really can do everything!

7. Dani Dyer

From Survival of the Fittest, to winning Love Island, to new mother. Dani Dyer has been a busy bee! And so no wonder that her net worth is quite high, a whopping £1.7 million. She’s even started a maternity wear collection with In The Style.

6. Amber Gill

Amber Gill won Love Island in 2019, and since then has been working with brands like Misspap to produce new collections and styles. Between her TV appearance and newfound career, Amber has a net worth of £2 million. She’s even started a fitness page!

5. Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger made a name for herself on the 6th series of TOWIE. Since then, she’s released a beauty brand, and become a well-known TV personality. She’s also managed to create a net worth of £2.4 million.

4. Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella

After starting her food blog Deliciously Ella in 2012, Ella has since written loads of blog posts on her site, and she started a podcast with her husband and even has published 5 cookbooks, the latest one coming out in 2020.

The mother of 2 has 2 million followers on Instagram and her daily doses of delicious vegan-based recipes make everybody’s life easier on a large scale. She has also launched her own food products, including granola, protein bars and sweets. The food blogger’s net worth is estimated at £2.5million.

3. Samantha Faiers

Samantha Faiers’ claim to fame came in the form of TOWIE, where she was part of the cast from 2010 to 2014. She also competed in the 13th season of Celebrity Big Brother, and is now best known as a social media influencer. Her career has managed to get her to a point where she can share lavish photos on her Instagram of a gorgeous home with her gorgeous family, and a comfy net worth of £4 million.

2. Olivia Bowen

This girl, after meeting her husband Alex Bowen on the 2015 Love Island UK show, is an influencer, home decor specialist, model and tv-star. The 27-year-old Love Island contestant lives in Essex with her husband Alex in their new home that they have recently bought.

Olivia has 2.5 million Instagram followers and other than sharing her life with us on the daily, she has also made her debut on TV as a presenter in 2017. Furthermore, she has paid partnerships with In the Style, whom she has a designed collection with, and the online retail shop Pretty Little Thing. Her Instagram promotion earns her around 2 thousand pounds per post. Since leaving the villa, Olivia and Alex have a net worth of £4.4million.

1. Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella

Zoe Sugg, also known under the name of Zoella, is a now 29-year-old influencer turned entrepreneur who has been in our social sphere since we can remember. Being one of the first Youtubers on the UK scene, Zoe has since then published numerous books, had a significant number of partnerships and keeps growing in her presence.

The blogger has 9 million followers on Instagram and actively participates in posting sponsored content. According to the Independent , Zoella has been named the highest-earning female social media influencer in the UK. Despite some scandalous moments in her past, her overall wealth has been estimated at £4.5million, suggesting that perhaps her career was not at all affected by her mistakes.

1. Olajide Willaim Oltunj, aka KSI

Known as KSI, the 26-year-old British YouTuber gamer has 9 million followers on Instagram and 22.4 million subscribers on Youtube.

The young gamer has now started a career in amateur boxing and has already shared fights with other famous influencers, including the American Paul brothers. He also stretched his YouTuber career by having a collaborative channel with his friends.

KSI is estimated to have a net worth of £20 million – making him really close to reaching the highs of Swedish YouTuber PewdiePie.