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18. Sam Thompson – £850k

Sam Thompson is Louise Thompsons sister and they live next door to each other in West London. He still features on MIC and has appeared in a few other reality TV shows, including Celebs go dating and celebrity big brother.

The only job we have heard of is him being Jamie Laing’s PA a few seasons back but other then that he seems to get sponsored for a lot of posts on insta and lives a lot in his sisters shadow.

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17. Andy Jordan – Over one million

You may not remember Andy Jordan but he entered MIC as Louise’s BF (although Louise has had a lot of BF during MIC). He left after getting dumped and went to Cornwall to set up a surf clothing company. He also loves to play the guitar and all of this has seemingly made him millions.

He also seems to want a more private life after making his instagram private…. how dare he.

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16. Rosie Fortescue – £1.1 million

Rosie obviously comes from money, with her dad Nick being a director of Seymours Art Advisors and worth £1.3 million. So Rosie hasn’t done bad catching up with him. She runs a successful fashion blog, At Fashion Forte and owns her own jewellery line.

Rosie was an OG on the show and stayed till season 13, when the continuous gossip and shit-stirring got to much for her.

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15. Louise Thompson – £1.2 million

You were probably wondering when Louise would come onto the list. She has created a bit of a fortune for herself with her clothes line Pocket Sport and also making a lot from being an instagram influencer – when she started out it was rumoured her and Ryan (her now finance) would hire a camera crew to take pictures of them on holiday… not sure how much truth there is to this but good on them for doing what they want.

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14. Binky Felstead – £1.4 million

Binky was formerly a PA before joining the cast of MIC. We all rooted for her relationship with Alex Mytton but he was a cheating rat bag and she soon found out. She then pinned after JP with JP scared of commitment, the only way she could tie him down was to have his child. Even then it was hard for JP to admit they were in a relationship.

She then went onto have her own TV show, showing how she brought up her daughter. She also started a clothing in with In the style and owns her own cosmetics company.

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13. Victoria Baker-Harber – £1.5 million

She’s pretty private even though she appears in MIC. She never reveals much and can be often seen in scenes with bestie Mark Francis. Very opinionated character with a deep hate for Cheska Hull.

She made her foutune as a fashion designer for bikini brand Elle-en-Jet.

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