This year’s freshers week is approaching fast, which means its time to review which universities have the worst freshers events. So, are you ready? These universities are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of socials.

10. Queen Mary

Queen Mary is the best of the worst. Located in London, Queen Mary is a new addition to the Russell Group, which means some people question how valid its status in the group is. Maybe Queen Mary’s freshers week was ranked so low because of the immense cost of living in London. Once everyone’s paid their rent, there’s no money left for drinks.

9. Bath Spa

There’s been a long-standing rivalry between Bath University and Bath Spa. Apparently, the posh Bath students look down on the Bath Spa students. Since they have to share a city, maybe freshers events turn into territorial battles. Bath Spa’s freshers week ranked at 82nd in the UK.

8. LSE

The London-based specialist uni was ranked the top university in Europe for social sciences, and second in the world. With stats like these, you’d expect it to put on a show-stopping freshers week to welcome all of its new students. However, LSE’s freshers week was ranked extremely low. Some students find the lack of socials boring.

7. Uni of Westminster

Another London university, which ranked 90th for its freshers week. Not the best statistic. Westminster’s freshers week has been dubbed ‘Freshminster’, and it includes all kinds of events from parties, to non-drinking events and fairs. Again, it might be the insane London prices that have caused Westminster’s freshers week to fall to the bottom of the list.

6. Cambridge

Everybody knows how difficult it is to get into Cambridge. This uni is for the cleverest of the clever, but there’s also a stark class divide at Cambridge. This obviously makes it difficult for students to mingle, which could be why Cambridge’s freshers events ranked so low. Either that, or everybody is too busy studying to party.

5. City, University of London

City Uni ranked 40th in the UK, however its freshers week ranked much lower, at 94th. It seems that the London unis are seriously lacking in the freshers department! Still, a bad freshers week doesn’t automatically mean a bad uni experience. Students seem to be quite pleased with their overall experience at City. City has a good reputation, and its one of the best unis for business students.

4. Southampton

Southampton has a fantastic night life, but that did nothing to save freshers week from ranking higher than 98th. Despite this, Southampton is doing very well in the teaching department, which is what you want to see from a university, after all.

3. London South Bank

London South Bank isn’t a Russell Group university, but don’t let that fool you. Russell Group isn’t the be-all and end-all of university life. However, London South Bank freshers week seems to be a huge let down for students, ranking at 101st. This year, London South Bank’s freshers week includes free pizza, candy floss, confetti cannons, and free t-shirts. Doesn’t sound too awful!

2. Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths is another London-based university, this time in the south-east. It specialises in the study of creatives, cultural and social subjects. Despite the access to a vibrant London night life, Goldsmith’s freshers week ranked 106th in the UK.

1. Queen Margaret Uni

Queen Margaret takes the prize for having the worst freshers week, according to student rankings. It sits at a dismal 113th. Located in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Queen Margaret has no excuse for ranking so low. Upcoming freshers events include a neon jungle, the Edinburgh ghost tour, and a welcome ceilidh (a kind of Scottish dance). These events don’t sound too bad, despite the low ranking.

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