The modern dating world, especially at uni, can be difficult to navigate. It seems like everyone’s either coupled up and tied down (or in the middle of preparing for their hot girl summer). So if you’re the latter, or your chat just generally seems to be lacking, we’ve compiled a handy guide to the best Tinder openers to use on guys. Note: they might immediately fall in love with you, so use these at your own risk.

1. The classic name pun

name puns, best Tinder openers to use on guys
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As someone with an uncommon name, I’m definitely no stranger to a pun or joke made using my name as an opener. Sometimes it gets old, but I’ll admit when it’s an original one (or if it actually makes me laugh) it’s 99% effective.

Of course, this one depends on how versatile their name is for a pun. But, I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you can come up with a corker that’s bound to get their attention. At the very least, it shows that you’re not just sending the same messages to everyone you match with.

As far as Tinder openers for guys go, some of the cleverest I’ve seen have been:

“You’re one in a mill-Liam!” and “Is your name Daniel, because damn…”.

(That last one is a bit outdated, but would have killed back in 2016). You can check out some of the funniest ways to start a conversation on Tinder here. 

2. Open with a compliment

open with a compliment, best Tinder openers to use on guys
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Realistically, who doesn’t like a compliment? This one’s definitely one of the safest, most friendly ways to start a conversation – and you’re more likely to get a reply back.

So have a think (the more unique the better, so you stand out from your competition) and a good look at their profile. Whether you say something nice about one of their photos, their bio, their outfits or anything, you’re sure to put a smile on their face.

An added bonus is you’ll probably get a compliment back, and once again – no one’s complaining about that.

3. “Would you rather…” or “Never have I ever…”

best Tinder openers ideas
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As a uni student, games like ‘Would you rather…’ and ‘Never have I ever…’ will probably give you PTSD from freshers week. We all agree they’ve been quite overused at pre-drinks. But for keeping things interesting, getting to know your match and securing that reply, I think they’re great openers.

There are plenty to choose from on the internet, or you could make it personal and brainstorm ideas yourself. One of the best ones I’ve been asked has to be:

“Would you rather have legs as long as arms, or arms as long as legs?”

I’ll admit it caught my attention, and actually made me think for a bit too long. I’m still not sure what my answer is, but it made him stand out. Maybe the weirder the question, the better.

4. Make it course-specific

These are the best Tinder openers to use on guys
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If you’re at any UK university, I’m sure you’ll be aware of the standard stereotypes of different subjects and courses. If not, here’s a rough guide (and a shameless plug) as here’s what your degree says about your personality.

I’d argue you can definitely use these jokes to your advantage, whether you go for the nicer route or decide to roast them. If you’re nice, you could just tailor your opener to their course – for example, “Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest.” if they do Economics.

If you’re more like me and think mild insults are a form of flirting, you could always make a tasteful (not too mean) joke about their course and see if they get defensive enough to reply. Though hopefully it’ll make them laugh, and you can get your foot in the door.

5. Ask for recommendations

movie recommendations, best Tinder openers to use on guys
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I think one of the best ways to actually start an interesting conversation and find middle ground with a Tinder match is to reference the things you like.

Music, films, Netflix shows, hobbies – whatever! If you start out by asking them what their favourite is, you have the chance to bond over it, before then sharing your own top tens.

Personally, I could talk about Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the rest of my life so there’s always an immediate brownie point for anyone who’s seen it.

6. “I lost my number, could I have yours?”

i lost my number- best Tinder openers to use on guys
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Because it’s Tinder, we’re obligated to move onto some pretty cheesy lines. Whether these will have maximum efficiency or not, we can’t tell you – but they’re timeless at the very least.

That number one, if it works, is perfect in my opinion. Hopefully, you’ll move the conversation off the app straight away (and you’ll probably be better off for that).

7. “So, when’s the wedding?”

These are the best Tinder openers to use on guys
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This opener is probably for our more confident Tinder users. Even if you’re more socially awkward in person, through social media is usually the best place to fake it.

Confidence and boldness are usually pretty attractive, so you’ll gain a few points in that from the outset. If all else fails, this gives you a potential chance to gaslight them as though you haven’t just matched on Tinder a minute ago. As far as they know, you’ve been in a long-term, committed relationship for five years already – so that question is completely justified.

8. “Omg, I recognise you!”

These are the best Tinder openers to use on guys
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This is another slightly weirder, more bold one, I’ll admit. 

But it’s definitely a thinker, whether it’s true or not (and without doubt, it doesn’t have to be). Nine times out of ten when this one’s been used on me, I’ll rush back to have another look at their profile to check if I know the person or not. Usually, to avoid being rude (even if I don’t recognise them), I’ll pretend I do and that honestly does kickstart the conversation.

If you’re not on the receiving end of that opener, again it’s a handy way to gaslight someone into giving you attention. Fingers crossed they ‘recognise’ you too!

9. Be upfront and ask him out

These are the best Tinder openers to use on guys
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All jokes, cheesy openers, and tactics aside – I think the best Tinder opener for guys is to ask them out directly.

While this could backfire (maybe don’t come on too strong with a specific date, time and address) a simple “Hey, would you like to go for a drink?” is clear and confident.

It puts across your intentions as well – i.e. whether you’re looking for something casual or serious – which is an added bonus.

So there you have it – the best Tinder openers to use on guys (in my humble opinion). Take this list and make it your own – happy dating!

Likewise, if you’re after something a little bit less serious then check our list of the best apps for hookups. We’ve also got more insight into which questions to ask (and which not to) on a first date.