Famously known for his appearance on the hit reality show The Only Way Is Essex Tommy is a Reality personality who is also a very successful businessman with Tommy Mallet’s net worth estimated at over £1.2 Million. After appearing on TOWIE and marketing his brand, Tommy has gone on to launch a business empire, an accomplishment he achieved by working his way up from humble beginnings. Here’s everything you need to know about Tommy Mallet.

Growing Up

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The 26-year-old isn’t actually from Essex. He was born and raised in the town of Islington, London. Some would say that appearing on the telly is somewhat in his genes as his parents too were part of the 1999 BBC series Love Town. On the show, his parents eloped to Gretna Green. At the age of 15, Tommy moved to Essex where he gradually built a reputation for himself. He was widely known by his friends and locals as the ‘Patrick Swayze of Essex’.

Tommy wasn’t an academic, he left school with no qualifications. Instead he tried his hand at carpentry and worked hard at it and was establishing a comfortable life for himself. But by no means were there any signs of a highly successful business career or Tommy becoming the multi-millionaire he is today.

TOWIE Career and Romance

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Tommy Mallet joined the Reality show in its 13th series of 2014 as one of the only new cast members of that season. With his charming personality and blossoming romance with the stunning Georgia Kousoulou he gained the love and affection from fans of the show.

Because of his relationship with fellow cast member, many of Tommy’s story lines revolved around their romance and therefore launched him into the eye of public consciousness. The power couple from Essex are still going strong, which is somewhat unusual for a reality tv romance. Tommy has since been hinting at a proposal for a while now and has recently said that he had picked out a date to pop the question.

The Road to Success

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From an early stage in his life, Tommy showed signs of motivation, passion and hard work. And although he doesn’t have any paper qualifications, at the age of 15 he made use of his ingenuity and creativity to launch his trainer empire. Growing up, Tommy was bullied as he could never own a pair of trainers because they were expensive, so instead he decided to design and create his own. Today his sneaker empire Mallet Footwear founded in 2015 has reached world acclaim from famous fashion and designer brands. His trainers have rivalled that of already established brands with an annual turnover of more than £2.5 Million and Tommy is set to become a multi-millionaire.

After attracting the attention and loyalty of many celebs, Tommy Mallet has diversified his business empire further by associating big names such as Drake, Olly Murs and other famous brands and personalities. His designer brand which launched initially as an online affair now has out-sold big brands such as Michael Kors. He has also collaborated with leading eye wear brand Belvoir&Co to launch his very own collection of shades and sunglasses.

Mallet trainers are stocked and sold in 128 stores across the UK and Europe including at Selfridges, Harrods, Flannels, and Tessuti. The brand is just going from strength to strength, with plans to expand further.

The entrepreneur, being the hilarious, cheeky, chappy personality he is, has also made big investments in the entertainment industry. His is part owner of Essex’s most popular night club CIRCUITS and he continues to grow his empire further.

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All this success amidst a tough childhood while also being dyslexic goes to show that you don’t need to be extraordinary to do great things. All it takes is a lot of effort and a lot of passion and motivation, and anyone can be as great as Tommy Mallet. There is more information available to us now than there ever was before, and this is allowing more young adults to enter the business sector and start of their careers as young entrepreneurs. Tommy Mallet is now considered to be one of UK’s top 10 young entrepreneurs with an exponentially growing business empire and net worth.

Last Updated on August 5, 2022