Freshers week will end up being a memorable blur of hilarious stories recapped multiple times among lifelong friends, BUT who does freshers week the best? Here is the top 50 best university freshers weeks revealed.

Freshers week is usually a week long event, although some uni’s can stretch it out to two. There is this thinking that freshers week is only for freshers but this simply isn’t true, you’ll see a lot of second and third years also making the most of pre-uni.

Freshers week is filled with drunken embarrassing stories, heaps of pre drinks, pre and post parties, as well as forming lifelong friendships. But which uni does freshers week the best? Well Student Hut have created a list from a survey conducted by students in recent years. Here is the official top 50 best university freshers weeks revealed.

Here are the 50 best universities for Freshers’ Week

50th. King’s College London

Despite being in the heart of the capital, KCL isn’t too high up on the list when it comes to universities with the best Freshers’ Week. However, it’s quite competitive and with London prices, it’s not always easy for students to enjoy everything on offer in the city. Nevertheless, you’re still bound to have a great time there.

49th. Aston University

48th. Oxford Brookes University

47th. Liverpool Hope University

46th. Cardiff University

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, sees its two primary institutions pull out all stops. Freshers here can expect a blend of events that introduce them to Welsh culture, alongside universal student favourites like pub crawls and society fairs.

45th. University of Bristol

Bristol University
University of Bristol

44th. University of Oxford

World-famous for its academic rigour, Oxford doesn’t fall short in its Freshers’ offerings either. From grand college balls to punting experiences, Oxford freshers get a taste of tradition and fun.

43rd. University of Brighton

42nd. Cardiff Metropolitan University

41st. University of Edinburgh

40th. University of Sussex

39th. University of Durham

38th. The University of Manchester

best university for freshers week
The University of Manchester

37th. Manchester Metropolitan University

These neighbouring institutions ensure Manchester is buzzing during Freshers’. The city becomes a playground for newcomers, with both universities offering events that introduce students to Manchester’s rich history and contemporary scene.

36th. Canterbury Christ Church University

35th. Birmingham City University

34th. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

33rd. University of Keele

32nd. Imperial College London

Imperial college london
Imperial college London

31st. Brunel University London

30th. The University of Nottingham

29th. Buckinghamshire New University

28th. The University of Sheffield

27th. University of Strathclyde

26th. The University of Essex

25th. University of Glasgow

university of glasgow has one of the best freshers weeks
Source: University of Glasgow

Freshers’ Week at the University of Glasgow is pretty epic, making it 25th on our list. If you’re new in town, don’t forget to read our tips on how to settle into student life at Glasgow uni.

24th. The University of Birmingham

23rd. University College London

22nd. Swansea University

21st. The University of Leeds

20th. University of Plymouth

19th. The University of Surrey

18th. The University of Reading

university of reading
Source: University of Reading

17th. University of Ulster

16th. Bangor University

Bangor University is one of the best universities for Freshers’ Week, as well as being THE best for other aspects related to student life. It has

15th. University of Aberdeen

14th. Sheffield Hallam University

13th. Liverpool John Moores University

12th. University of Hertfordshire

11th. University of York

Source: University of York

10th. University of Northumbria at Newcastle

9th. The University of Lancaster

8th. Loughborough University

7th. Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University best freshers week
SourceL Bournemouth University

6th. Queen’s University of Belfast

5th. The University of Leicester

Neighbouring De Montford, the University of Leicester too, boasts a vibrant Freshers’ Week, ensuring students find their niche, whether in sports, societies, or the arts.

4th. De Montford University

Located in Leicester, De Montford is famous for its diverse events. From cinema nights to global food fests, it celebrates the various cultures that make up its student body.

3rd. University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth offers a coastal Freshers’ experience unlike any other.  You can get some fresh sea air once you’re done with (or having a break from) all the partying. It’s no wonder this university ranks so high.

2nd. University of Dundee

Dundee’s Freshers’ Week is a thrilling blend of daytime and nighttime events. Scots are known to be a little wild and lots of fun, so it makes sense that Freshers’ Week at the University of Dundee is one of the best.

1st. Nottingham Trent University

nottingham trent university
Source: Nottingham Trent University

At the top of our list, Nottingham Trent University goes above and beyond to give freshers an incredible introduction. Renowned for its energetic nightlife and vast array of events, from themed parties to city tours, it ensures that students instantly feel at home.


Last Updated on March 19, 2024