Social media is a funny thing. Every now and then, a new viral trend pops up out of nowhere, and keeping up with its meaning is well, pretty hard. But if you’re more Instagram than TikTok, the chances are you’re totally lost.

You might have heard some of your mates talking about 0563, and other codes that sound like they’re about to call the local chippy. Fear not, we’re gonna give you the full debrief of the 0563 meaning and everything inbetween.

What the heck are these codes, anyway?

Now, there’s so many TikTok videos out there using these ‘secret codes’, but what codes can you expect to see, and what do they mean?

Many people are using these codes to send a message out to their love interests, ex boyfriend, or even a friend. But let’s take a closer look at what each number represents…

0563 meaning

Now, wanting to know the 0563 meaning is what landed you here, right?

Although a TikTok trend, some of these secret codes have started to transition over to Instagram. Nevertheless, TikTok videos were their origin, and these secret love codes are a pathway for sending subliminal messages.

As a part of this viral trend, here’s the 0563 meaning: ‘Please don’t leave me’.

Yep, that’s it. Sometimes you’ll see it in videos, while other users prefer to display this code in their bio. Or even via Instagram notes.

Now, while you’re here, let’s take a look at a few other codes worth knowing. Ya know, so you can join in the convo when your mates go down a TikTok rabbit hole.

0563 meaning

5555 meaning

“I miss your voice, especially you.”

9080 meaning

“I want you with me”

910 meaning

“Sorry I hurt you.”

1543 meaning

“I still love you.”

1437 meaning

“I love you forever.”

607 meaning

“I miss you.”

7537 meaning

“I know you don’t like me.”

4200 meaning

“Losing feelings to you.”

1038 meaning

“Can’t stop loving you.”

1463 meaning

“I miss the old you.”

280 meaning

“Be mine.”

tiktok secret codes

244 meaning

“My baby.”

2789 meaning

“I’m tired of life.”

7492 meaning

“I wish I could have a better life.”

0931 meaning

“I’m losing my feelings.”

6499 meaning

“Please help me go through this pain.”

1463 meaning

“I miss the old you.”