Halloween is right around the corner, and the hunt is on for the perfect outfit. No matter where you’re heading this Halloween, finding the best Halloween costume is a must. But thankfully for you, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Now freshers’ week is over, finding the best Halloween party to hit can begin! So whether you’re hosting, heading to a mate’s house or hitting your favourite club, we’re gonna dive into the best Halloween costumes for 2023.

Horror inspired Halloween costume ideas

Scream VI

An oldie but goodie, 2023 saw the release of Scream VI, and this iconic costume will naturally appear once again at Halloween.

It has to be one of the easiest Halloween costumes around, a Scream mask and a black cloak, right?

Killer Book Club

There’s nothing quite like a killer clown, huh? While it may not have been rated the best horror film of 2023 (understatement of the year, soz), the film does give some serious Halloween costume inspo.

Plus, if you can get your hands on a suitable mask, all you needid after that is a black cloak, a (fake) hammer and some baggy trousers. Easy.

best halloween costumes

Pennywise from IT

The Stephen King classic left many of us with nightmares after Pennywise hit our screens – making it the perfect Halloween costume.

Depending on your effort level, you can attempt the makeup yourself (or rope in an artistic friend!), or get yourself a Pennywise mask online.

Gonna go all the way? Crack out the red balloons, facepaint and find yourself the full get-up.

Jigsaw from Saw

With Saw X ready for release in the UK soon, we’ve all been waiting for an excuse to binge watch the film series once again. This Halloween, why not bring Jigsaw back?

The outfit itself is pretty easy, all you need is a black jacket and trousers, wig (or dark hair), red bow tie and some face paint. You can also buy full Jigsaw masks online.

Creepy trike optional…

The zombie

Whether you’re taking inspiration from the Walking Dead or one of the thousands of other zombie movies, the ‘zombie’ is an easy Halloween costume idea that doesn’t have to be linked to a specific film.

If you wanna go full DIY, you can attempt it wth a set of bandages – but it may be a bit tricky when you gotta pee. Or you can grab an easy Halloween costume from a local costume shop, or online.

The bloody cheerleader

There are plenty of cheerleader horror films out there to take inspiration from this Halloween. Chuck on some fake blood, wave those pom poms around and you’ve got a bloody cheerleader nailed.

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The blood-sucking vampire

If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas, the classic vampire is up there as an easy costume to nail. Whether you take inspiration from a particular film or series is up to you, but what you need is simple: A black outfit/cloak, fake blood and vampire fangs. You can even whack on some white facepaint for an extra spooky look.

Michael Myers from Halloween

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you will have noticed that Michael Myers has made a bit of a comeback on social media. If it’s not spooky TikToks, it’s clips of masked fans dancing in heels… You name it.

There’s no denying it, Michael Myers is a great Halloween costume idea, and an easy one at that. You can grab yourself a mask online relatively cheaply, along with a fake knife and blood.


Chucky has remained a Halloween costume favourite for some time. There’s just something extra creepy about scary children. To get the look, all you need is a pair of dungarees, a stripey top and a bloody weapon of your choice.

Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street

Looking for a classic Halloween costume this year? Freddy Krueger is a staple of Halloween costumes, and easy to achieve too. All you need is a stripey top (or dress), hat and bladed glove. The latter you can pick up from most Halloween shops, or online.


Fan of AI? Whether you’ve watched the film or not, M3GAN has become a popular Halloween costume idea this year. You can grab the full outfit online or in a local Halloween shop, but essentially, you’re turning yourself into a lifelike AI doll this Halloween.

The Nun

Easily one of the best Halloween costumes for creeping out your mates – The Nun. If you haven’t seen the film yet, get it on your must-watch list this Halloween.

You can grab a full nun outfit online for anywhere between £15 and £45, depending on what you’re after.

Non-horror film/TV inspired Halloween costume ideas

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

While not particularly scary, Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is a total classic costume idea. Plus, it’s easily achievable, since all you need is a white shirt, black eyeliner and a sleek bob wig.

Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Oh we do love a remake, especially when it features Johnny Depp. Nevertheless, we’re also getting ourselves worked up over the prequel coming this year. But film gossip aside, if you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas your friends won’t have thought of, this is it.

Although it’s not particularly scary… It’s easy to recreate with a blue velour tracksuit, blue eyeshadow and blonde bob wig. Sorted.

Tom Cruise from Top Gun

Looking to be the slickest guy at the party this year? Nab yourself a bomber jacket, aviator sunglasses and jeans and go as Tom Cruise.

This costume idea is easy, cheap and pretty effortless. Plus, you can easily wear those things again – money well spent if you ask us.

uni halloween costume ideas

The Joker

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the Joker has gotta win a prize for fancy dress effort. The Batman villain might set you back a little, but if you shop around you can likely found suitable attire to complete the look.

Squid Game

It’s not long now until Squid Game will be returning to Netflix (and we can’t wait, by the way!). Which makes for perfect timing when it comes to Halloween costumes.

While you can buy the ‘fancy dress’ online relatively easily, all you need is a teal tracksuit with your number on it (if you’re gonna be a player, of course).

The Red Riding Hood

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood has been told a variety of times, both in and out of horror films. This Halloween costume idea is both easy to do and open for interpretation, so if you wanna add some fake blood, go for it.

All you’re gonna need is a red skirt or dress, a hooded cape and a basket and you’re golden.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider games and movies have long been an inspiration for Halloween costumes. Plus, they’re an easy costume idea. All you need is a black tank top, cargo trousers and a toy gun in a belt holster. Get on it.

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Looking to execute some rugged girl power? Showcase your fierce and fearless side with this empowering Halloween costume idea. All you need is some black trousers and top, and a mock bow and arrow.

If you fancy adding a few accessories, head to any costume shop or have a look online for inspiration.

James Bond

Looking for an awesome costume you can use again? James Bond could be the perfect option. All you need is a sleek suit and a toy gun. People might not recognise you immediately, though, unless, well, you look like James Bond…


Looking to go all out with your fancy dress? If you’re more Venom than spider-man, no worries, we got you. You’re gonna have to shop around for a black bodysuit, though. Add some web face paint and you’re good to go.

best uni halloween costume ideas

Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family

Looking for easy Halloween costumes? Wednesday Addams is an absolute winner. All you need is a couple of plaits (or a black wig), black dress, white shirt collar and black shoes. Nailed it.

The Powerpuff Girls

This one’s a great costume idea if you’ve got a couple of mates also looking for inspiration. All you need is colour-coordinated dresses (red, green and blue), black belts and some matching knee-high boots.

Perfect for three friends, without breaking the bank.

Toy Story

Depending on who you’re going for, Toy Story can result in a simple Halloween costume. If you’re heading out as Woody, all you need is a pair of jeans, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, and a yellow shirt of some kind.

Looking for a cute Halloween costume idea? Maybe Bo Peep is more your style. Why not push the boat out and get a couple of your mates as sheep while you’re at it…

The Power Rangers

The Power Rangers became 90s pop culture icons, from the TV show to action figures, fancy dress and everything in between. You can grab yourself a costume on Amazon from around £30-£40 if you feel like splashing on your Halloween costume this year.

Barbie Movie

The world went mad (in a good way) for the Barbie movie this year, with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling bringing pink back to our wardrobes. So it comes as no surprise that Barbie has inspired us all this Halloween.

If you’re looking for couple costume ideas, this could be it. Barbie and Ken? Halloween style? Yes, please.

uni halloween costume ideas


Would it even be Halloween without “It’s-a-me, Mario!”?

While this may not be a Halloween costume you can rummage around in your uni wardrobe for, you can pick up the full outfit online at a reasonable price. You can gather up a few of your mates to form the whole gang too and hit the clubs with the likes of Luigi, Princess Peach and Bowser.

Beatrix “the Bride” Kiddo from Kill Bill

Ready to summon your inner Uma Thurman? Kill Bill is a total classic anyway, let alone when it comes to Halloween costumes. Grab yourself an outfit online relatively cheaply.

Daphne from Scooby Doo

Whoever you resonate with in Scooby Doo, it comes as no surprise that this kinda fancy dress is a hot favourite at Halloween. For Daphne, all you need is a purple dress, some tights and a ginger wig.

Not-so-scary Halloween costume ideas

Every year, Halloween costumes start to become, well… Not so scary. Whether it’s the plastics of Mean Girls, or your typical black cat ears, not everyone wants to be scrubbing fake blood off in the morning.

So if you’re looking for easy costume ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our pick of the not-so-scary Halloween costumes for 2023.

The Angel

A staple when it comes to easy Halloween costumes. There’s always some dude who has nicked a girl’s angel wings on a night out. You know the drill.

Grab yourself a halo, some angel wings and something white and you’re good to go, simple Halloween costume unlocked.

ghost halloween costumes

The DIY ghost

Now, this has to be quite possibly the easiest Halloween costume out there. Grab yourself a white sheet, cut some eye holes out and you’re ready to go.

The classic cat

Every Halloween, there’s a girl somewhere in the classic cat fancy dress. Enter a black dress or catsuit, with go-to cat ears and facepaint whiskers.

This costume idea is simple, cheap and easy to find at any Halloween store.

The (bloody) nurse

Would it really be Halloween fancy dress without a bloody nurse? You can pick up a full nurse outfit online quite cheaply, or get yourself a white dress, some fake blood and a stethoscope for an overall great costume.

The prisoner

Whether you’re going for black and white stripes or the typical orange jumpsuit, being a prisoner this Halloween makes for an easy fancy dress option.

Handcuffs optional, oi oi.

The Rock

If you’re short on time this year and you’re struggling for Halloween costume ideas, why not recreate The Rock’s iconic fanny pack and turtleneck combo? All you need is some jeans, black turtleneck, fanny pack and a silver chain.

80s workout costume

Fan of the ’80s? It’s time to bring that spandex back in fashion! While this may not be your usual Halloween costume, it’ll definitely get you noticed.

Make sure you add some sweatbands for an extra splash of colour.


Much like the bloody nurse, doctor fancy dress always comes back around. Plus, it’s easy to create this Halloween. All you need is a white lab coat and a stethoscope, and you’re ready. Well, we’d suggest some trousers too…

Rihanna at The Super Bowl

It seems like every Halloween the fancy dress gets, well, less Halloweeny. But who are we to judge?

If you’re looking for a recognisable Halloween costume idea this year, Rihanna at The Super Bowl has gotta be the one. It’s basically… A lot of red.

Marilyn Monroe

What were we saying about Halloween becoming more about fancy dress than… Being scary? Well, if you feel like channelling your inner Marilyn, now’s the time.

Get yourself a white dress, red lipstick, strappy sandals and some drop earrings.

Carrie from Sex and the City

There’s no denying that Carrie Bradshaw rocked a number of outfits through Sex and the City (and continues to do so in And just like that). If you’re stuck for Halloween costume ideas this year, why not try out her signature pink and white tutu for size?

All you need is a pink tank top (or body), white tulle skirt and some strappy sandals. If you’re heading out clubbing this Halloween, though, you might wanna take some spare shoes. Ouch.


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