Across the UK, so many students struggle to choose the degree that is right for them. If you are looking for a degree to help you make the most money you can, then take a look at our list! These are the degrees with the highest starting salaries in the UK.

10. General Engineering

Salary Ranges from: £29,000-£18,000

Engineering: Degrees with the Highest Starting Salaries
Source: Canva

This degree covers a variety of different engineering fields. Students, therefore, come out of this degree with the ability to create and develop a wide range of products. This can range from infrastructure such as bridges and buildings to smaller products such as beauty products.

Graduates tend to go into different fields of engineering such as automotive, broadcast or database. However, some grads go on to be pilots and IT consultants.

9. African & Middle Eastern Studies

Salary: £29,000

African and Middle Eastern Studies; Degrees with the Highest Starting Salaries in the UK
Source: Canva

This degree focuses on a region. Students study its history, culture, politics, and geography. Popular areas for study include Palestine and Iraq.

Graduates are typically employed in translation jobs or secretarial work. Students of this degree can also go into lecturing and teaching or research and interpretation jobs.

8. Artificial Intelligence

Salary: £29,100

Artificial Intelligence: Degrees with the Highest Starting Salaries in the UK
Source: Canva

AI degrees teach students to create and develop software systems. Lecturers will also explain the importance and skill of tailoring to world demands and your client’s needs.

Popular jobs that grads of this degree have gone into are app or game developers and software engineering. Graduates have even gone on become bankers and forensic computer analysts.

7. Economics

Salary ranges from: £29,500-£19,000

Economics: Degrees with the Highest Starting Salaries in the UK
Source: Canva

Most Economics degrees are three years long. During this time students learn maths and statistical analysis, technique, and theory. The degree also covers parts of sociology, psychology, and social sciences.

Popular jobs related to this degree are accountants and data analysts. Many grads also have gone on to be economic researchers and financial consultants.

6. Chemical Engineering

Salary Ranges from: £30,000-£19,000

Chemical Engineering: Degrees with the Highest Starting Salaries
Source: Canva

Most Chemical Engineering students study this degree for 3 or 4 years, depending on if the course involves a year of work placement or not. Students often spend 20 hours a week in lectures or labs. Therefore, they receive more teaching and learning than most degrees.

Jobs related to a chemical engineering degree include a process design or environmental engineering (this has become a popular degree in recent years due to climate change). Grads can also work with chemical plants and environmental waste.

5. Complementary Medicine

Salary: £30,000

Complementary medicine: Degrees with the Highest Starting Salaries in the UK
Source: Canva

This degree studies the use and production of alternative medical treatment. It teaches students to think outside the box of conventional medical methods. Ideas produced from this degree can be impactful and revolutionary. However, harm may be caused due to experimental methods.

The most popular jobs to go into for grads of this degree is to become a doctor. However, some have gone on to be health journalists, medical teachers or research sports and exercise medicine.

4. Pharmacology & Pharmacy

Salary Ranges from: £31,000-£18,000

Pharmacology & Pharmacy: Degrees with highest salary UK

Pharmacology and Pharmacy involves the study of different medicinal drugs. It is a very popular degree. It is also often associated with high salaries.

Grads of this degree go into different fields such as clinical, nuclear or hospital pharmacy. They could also become a consultant or veterinary pharmacist.

3. Veterinary Medicine

Salary: £31,000

Veterinary Medicine: Degrees with highest starting salary
Source: Pexels

Students of this degree learn the essential skills of becoming a vet. This includes animal anatomy and health. They also often study for this degree for five years.

Graduates who become vets can work in different fields. These can include clinical practice to even the military. Other grads will go on to work in lecturing and teaching or public health.

2. Medicine

Salary: £35,000

Medicine: Degrees with the Highest Starting Salary
Source: Canva

Most medicine graduates progress to be surgeons and doctors. These often require further training such as medical school or/and a residency. In the UK, a surgical or doctorial residency can range from 3-8 years. However, this training can only be started after 2 years of postgraduate clinical experience.

1. Dentistry

Salary: £38,000

Dentistry: UK degree with highest starting salary
Source: Pexels

Students who study dentistry are often studying for 5 years. Dentistry courses study dental disease and its cause, prevention, management, and treatment. The best dental schools in the UK include The University of Dundee and The Queen Mary University of London. 

Most graduates go on to become dentists. The highest-paid field in dentistry is ‘Oral and maxillofacial surgery.’ This is concerned with treating diseases in the mouth, jaw, face, or neck.

These are our top ten picks for degrees with the highest starting salaries in the UK!

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