Perfect Match features well-known individuals from various Netflix reality shows returning to find love with each other. The cast members, recognisable for their prior appearances, have impressive net worths stemming from diverse and vibrant careers, including real estate, dating series, and influencer roles. Here is a ranking of the known net worth of each Perfect Match cast member on Netflix.

13. Shayne Jansen – $200k

Shayne Jansen net worth
Source: Instagram

Shayne, from Love Is Blind season three, has accumulated his net worth through reality TV appearances and working in real estate.

12. Calvin Crooks – $300k

Calvin Crooks net worth
Source: Instagram

Calvin gained fame from The Circle and has worked as a private chef, athlete, and software engineer, contributing to his estimated net worth.

11. Diamond Jack – $300k

Diamond Jack Perfect Match cast net worth
Source: Instagram

Diamond, known for her dramatic exit in Love Is Blind season one, has a background in dancing and currently works for a cancer-focused non-profit.

10. Chloe Veitch – $400k

Chloe Veitch net worth pefect match cast
Source: Instagram

A familiar face from Too Hot To Handle season one, Chloe Veitch has also appeared on The Circle and Celebrity Hunted, and hosts the Too Hot To Handle reunion. Her Instagram endorsements contribute to her estimated net worth.

9. Bartise Bowden – $500k

bartise bowden net worth
Source: Instagram

Despite only appearing on the most recent Love Is Blind season, Bartise has made a name for himself in another reality TV show. Joining the cast of Perfect Match, Bartise has a net worth of $500k, primarily earned as a senior analyst.

8. Georgia Hassarati – $500k

Georgia Hassarati net worth
Source: Instagram

Her background as a trained midwife is now a distant memory, as this Perfect Match cast member has a huge net worth today. Georgia, from Too Hot To Handle season three, now partners with brands on her Instagram, where she has 978k followers.

7. Chase DeMoor – $500k

Chase de Moor net worth perfect match cast
Source: Instagram

Like some of the other cast members from Perfect Match, Chase’s estimated net worth is around $500l. Chase, an athlete and star of Too Hot To Handle season two, earned his money through various ways. These include modelling, OnlyFans, football, and social media platforms.

6. Colony Reeves – $600k

Colony Reeves net worth
Source: Instagram

As a talented realtor featured in the popular Netflix series Selling Tampa, has built a successful career in the real estate industry since graduating from the University of South Florida. As a driven and dedicated professional, she has honed her skills in property sales, marketing, and negotiation, becoming an influential figure in the competitive Tampa real estate market. Ultimately, Colony Reeves’ skills and experience have contributed to her huge net worth.

5. Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere – $700k

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere
Source: Instagram

Fellow Selling Tampa cast member, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere is also part of the Perfect Match cast and has a great net worth. With a background in marketing, Anne-Sophie has leveraged her skills to excel in the real estate industry, becoming a top agent at Allure Realty.

4. Savannah Palacio – $1 million

Savannah Palacio net worth
Source: Instagram

Her captivating presence on social media and genuine engagement with her audience have contributed to her growing popularity. Savannah’s journey from data researcher to reality TV star (inc. The Circle) and influencer demonstrates her adaptability and ambition, allowing her to thrive in various industries. As she continues to build her brand and engage with her 400k Instagram followers, Savannah Palacio joins the Perfect Match cast and is 4th ranked by net worth.

3. Damian Powers – $1 million

Damian Powers perfect match cast net worth
Source: Instagram

In third place is Damian Powers, a net worth of a millionaire after appearing on Love Is Blind and now the cast of Perfect Match. In addition to his work with Brawl for a Cause, Damian leverages his social media influence to promote various products and brands, such as health supplements and gym equipment.

2. Joey Sasso – $1.5 million

Joey Sasso net worth
Source: Instagram

Joey Sasso is a multifaceted personality who rose to fame as a contestant on the Netflix reality show The Circle. Known for his charismatic and larger-than-life persona, Joey quickly captivated viewers and earned a substantial following on social media, now with a net worth of $1.5 million! Beyond his success in reality television, Joey is also an accomplished actor with numerous TV and film credits.

1. Francesca Farago – $3 million

Francesca Farago net worth
Source: Instagram

Officially the richest cast member of Perfect Match, Francesco Farago’s net worth is double that of the second-richest. This is most likely down to her own ethical and sustainable swimwear brand, Farago The Label. After appearing in the first season of Too Hot to Handle, Francesca also earns a significant income from Instagram endorsements due to her 5.7 million followers.

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Last Updated on March 22, 2024