You may have come across the term ‘ghost blinking’ online and wondered what the hell people are going on about. Sound about right? If you’re feeling baffled, don’t worry, you’re not alone there.

With the swift pace at which TikTok trends evolve, it’s easy to feel out of the loop. But fear not, we’re here to clarify. Dive in to understand what ghost blinking entails, its rise to trendiness, and ways you can experiment with it yourself.

Ghost blinking meaning

If you’ve heard of “ghost blinking” and thought it had some spooky, supernatural vibes, well, it’s not quite what you’d expect. It’s all the buzz because of the Netflix series ‘Wednesday’.

Remember Wednesday Addams? That girl with the cool (yet spooky) emotionless vibe and the family that’s into, well, unique hobbies? In this fresh take, Jenna Ortega steps into her shoes and nails that endless, unblinking stare. It’s so captivating that TikTokers are giving it a shot themselves. So, if you’re up for a fun challenge to try with your uni pals, why not try the “ghost blink”?

“Ghost blinking” is all about keeping your eyes open longer than usual. Handy if you’re gearing up for a staring duel or just fancy channelling your inner Wednesday Addams. Curious or keen to give it a whirl? Here’s how to master the art of ghost blinking.

How to master ghost blinking

Ever tried to keep your eyes open and found them starting to itch or burn? That’s your body’s way of urging you to blink and moisturise your eyes. Ghost blinking is a neat trick to bypass this weird feeling of discomfort.

Here’s how to ghost blink

Start by staring. When you feel that telltale dryness, you’ll want to mentally picture yourself blinking, without actually doing so. It sounds straightforward, but it does take a bit of getting used to. Once you’ve got it down, you’ll probably notice you can keep your eyes open way longer without feeling the need to blink.

Maybe this technique fools your brain into thinking you’ve actually blinked. Or perhaps when you ghost blink, you subtly squint or narrow your eyes a tad, which mimics some benefits of a real blink. Whatever the case, it’s a cool trick to try out.

Struggling to ghost blink?

Want to wow people with your ghost blinking skills? Here are some pointers to help you nail it, especially if you’re struggling.

  1. Before hitting the record button, do a prolonged blink and maybe even yawn to get your eyes a bit teary.
  2. If you’re into face moisturisers or eye drops, skip them for now; they could end up irritating your eyes.
  3. Easy does it; don’t stress your eyes out.
  4. Get comfy! Find a good spot to sit.
  5. Distract yourself by pondering an engaging topic as you maintain your gaze and ghost blink.
  6. Practice makes perfect: Stare down your reflection and challenge yourself to hold that unblinking gaze.

Fancy a staring contest with one of your pals? These tips will help you win and keep your eyes open fo extended periods. Nailed it.

Is ‘Ghost Blinking’ safe?

We often blink without giving it much thought, primarily to moisturise our eyes and clear away any tiny particles using our tears.

Not only do tears serve as a protective layer against dryness and external annoyances, but blinking also ensures our eyes get the vital oxygen they need – yup, just like other cells in our body, our eyes crave oxygen!

Final thoughts on ghost blinking

Despite its name, ghost blinking isn’t really about the supernatural. But knowing how TikTok challenges often escalate, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear some over-the-top ghost blinking tales soon, thanks to folks taking it a bit too far.

Want to jump in on the fun and rival Wednesday with your own ghost-blinking video? Just a heads up: thinking you can outdo the iconic Addams Family daughter, with her striking gothic look and unmatched stare, might be setting yourself up for a playful letdown.