The university you get into could say a lot about you…rightly or wrongly! Here are all the university stereotypes and what your university says about you. Do you live up to them? Or have you noticed a lot of these university stereotypes around your uni? From clever and class Brummy students to fun and heavy-drinking Glasgow students, discover our list of stereotypes for each university.

What does your uni says about you?

University of Bath

University of Bath students, University stereotypes

If you choose to study at Bath, here’s what your uni says about you! Students at Bath University live in their own quaint bubble of Hollister sweatshirts, Ugg boots and caring way too much about their BUCS rugby and lacrosse teams.

University of Bristol

When walking down the streets of Bristol, do not be alarmed when you see a group of girls each donning a North Face puffer coat, highlighted bangs sculpting their grungy makeup-stained faces, hand-rolled cigarette in one hand and can of red stripe in the other… these are Bristol University students. Typically, from privileged backgrounds and on the lookout for some ‘dutty garage’, you may even be lucky enough to hear a ‘rah, where is my baccy?’.

University of Brighton

university of brighton student University stereotypes what your uni says about you

Seaside sunsets, skater boys and smoking (…not just cigarettes) are typical activities of Brighton University students. These students are on a calmer wavelength than their local rivals at the University of Sussex; expect alternative styles of fashion, tarot card readings from crystal-obsessed girls and quaint, picturesque, and tiny student houses terraced in multicoloured rows.

University of Birmingham

At Birmingham, you are put together, clever, and classy; the students work hard, but they play hard too. Students at Birmingham should be proud, where what your uni says about you is pretty nice. Birmingham University holds the reputation of the hardest-partying university in the UK, as so helpfully displayed by the freshers who display their collection of used alcohol bottles in their accommodation windows.

Cardiff University

Cardiff university students University stereotypes

Cardiff students like to dress up, a lot. Not bunny ears or superhero capes… no, when they dress up, it is full on glam. Diamond jewellery, black flares, blonde extensions, and lots and lots of bronzer. You can imagine their Tinder feed is like walking onto the set of Love Island… anything to help people forget that you live` in Wales.

Coventry University

So, you grew up in London and wanted to get out of London but not really leave London because everyone around you is also from London, right? If you are at Coventry, you are tough. No one is going to mess with you, just pull out your student ID and let them know who is boss.

De Montfort University

De Montfort university students University stereotypes

De Montfort University is essentially the long-lost twin to Coventry, except everybody prefers her because she is prettier, younger and a little bit more sociable. DMU nearly could boast about Santan Dave being a former alumnus, but the rapper chose to focus on his music career instead (thank goodness).

University of Edinburgh

Attending Edinburgh University provides a clear indication into who you are as a person…. think ‘studying in a coffee shop’ vibe or ‘attends the local vegan market each Saturday for fun’. You will struggle to make the cut without a pair of Doc Martins, some statement sweater-vests or a singular, dangly earring (specifically for the men).

University of Glasgow

university of glasgow students University stereotypes what your uni says about you

Glasgow Uni students could not hurt a fly, and they are definitely more fun than Edinburgh. Let’s not beat around the bush, Glasgow students would drink any English university under the table. Well that’s what they think anyway! Actually, they’re third in the list of hardest partying unis! 

University of Leeds

In Leeds, your summer’s are spent drinking lukewarm tinnies at Hyde Park whilst a heavy mixture of jungle, reggae and English rap plays in the background. What your uni says about you is that you are unique in their self-expression: most adolescents’ wardrobes contain pieces from the likes of Patagonia and Urban Outfitters, and collectively there is a challenge of who can leave their hair unwashed for the longest.

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University, University stereotypes

Beckett, give over already. You are always going to be in the University of Leeds’ shadow, no matter how many Varsity wins you try and secure. Do one thing for yourselves and set yourselves apart from the Russel Group crowd by actually having a shower. Ok, in this case of what your uni says about you, it’s pretty harsh – but there it is nevertheless.

University of Leicester

Laidback and lurking in the shadows, Leicester University keeps itself under the radar and out of trouble. Students in Leicester know how to party, but they are sensible enough to avoid going into their overdraft to afford it.

University of Liverpool

Liverpool students are tough, hardy, and well-versed in the world of going out. The dress code is always full glam so expect glittery mini dresses, hair extensions in a full set of curls and high heels for the ladies. In Liverpool, trainers are for the weak.


London UCL students University stereotypes what your uni says about you

Whether it is KCL or Imperial, Metropolitan or LSE… how do you do it? How do you afford it?  You either know exactly what career you want and have a reasonably good chance at being successful in it, or you are definitely using Daddy’s money to subsidise the astronomical charges of our capital city… and that Burberry trench coat you strut about in.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is one big oxymoron: a prestigious university catering their education to highly performing A-Level students… that have specifically chosen to attend the University for its non-stop partying reputation. Seriously though, we know about Fallowfield, we know about Oak House. We know what goes on, Manchester. And, we are very, very jealous.

University of Newcastle

Do not be surprised whilst filling out your Newcastle University application on UCAS when it asks you whether you have a mullet, or if you own flared trousers, whether you are prepared for pockets full of old metro tickets, or if you can hack the sesh. These are essential attributes to any Newcastle University student, and you just would not fit in without them.

University of Nottingham

university of nottingham, University stereotypes

Nottingham University is prestigious, with incredible global links to thrust you high up the career ladder. It is a shame that something in the back of their student’s minds (or gardens) constantly reminds them of their crippling workload. What is it you ask? Trent students.

Nottingham Trent University

Wondering what your uni choice says about you? This one is not for the faint hearted, a Trent student’s speciality is reviving their old school discos in Pryzm and Rock City, whilst tossing VK’s mercilessly through the air. Committed to the sesh like no others, Trent students will stop at nothing to secure tickets for Ocean Wednesday (whilst also wearing next-to-nothing for the event). Literally, they will stop at nothing. You have been warned.

University of Sheffield

Northern uni’s are the coolest, the most eventful and most explorative… apart from Sheffield. If you ventured into the SU on a Friday night, you are guaranteed to be met with a sea of shockingly patterned sweaty shirts, 90’s alternative grunge music and the type of people who are ready to leave at midnight for a full-on takeaway curry.

University of Oxford

university of oxford students, University stereotypes what your uni says about you

There is a very specific ‘Oxford look’… imagine how you imagine your parents to look back in their young adult days of disposable cameras, circular spectacles, dodgy bowl cuts and brown flannel shirts. That is the Oxford look. At least they know how to use a shower (cough, cough Leeds).

University of Southampton

Here we have the middle class kids whose idea of a good time… well, they do not actually have an idea of how to have a good time, made clear by the fact that they have chosen to go to University in Southampton.

University of Swansea

what your uni says about you

Wait… people actually go here?

University of West England

UWE is for the students who know how to have a good time but are not being forced by their Mummy and Daddy back in Surrey to get a good university education (sorry, Bristol). You’ll probably find UWE students with some wacky hair colours and lots of glitter, off their rockers in Motion or Lakota.

So we hope you’ve enjoyed our list of university stereotypes. Obviously what your uni says about you is to be taken light-heartedly. But we bet now you’ve read it, you’ll be seeing a lot more of these stereotypes around now! You’ll also see these types of student stereotypes at EVERY uni no doubt.

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Last Updated on March 21, 2024