It’s that time again: Made in Chelsea is back for a whole new season and we don’t know about you but we can’t help but wonder- What do these guys actually do for a living? While some of these cast members list their occupations as reality stars on the show, MIC is just a side hustle for some of the others. Read on to find out what the past and present Made in Chelsea cast jobs are.

Ruby Adler job:


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First up, Ruby Adler had a lot of romantic interest in the last season of MIC and was caught up in a bit of a love triangle. It’s no surprise then that this reality star works as a model outside of the show. Additionally, she works as a model agent for Storm models where her client list includes former MIC Star and Sam Thompson’s girlfriend, Zara McDermott.

Verity Bowditch job:


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Next up is MIC cast member Verity Bowditch. This 25-year-old has a degree in biomedical science and works as a pilates instructor and model.

Zara McDermott job: 


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Former MIC star, Zara McDermott has been keeping super busy since leaving the show. Before MIC, Zara was a contestant on Love Island (in fact, it’s rumoured that her brother may be following in her footsteps with this.)  She also works as a model and tv personality. Most recently she has been hosting the reality tv show, Love in the Flesh. She is still dating MIC star, Sam Thompson and is good friends with many of the cast members.

Reza Amiri-Garroussi job:


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Next up is Ruby Adler’s on/off again boyfriend, and former schoolmate of many of the other cast members,  Reza Amiri-Garroussi. Outside of MIC, Reza works in Tech and has worked at Unruly since 2016 as VP of Business Development EMEA (we’re not quite sure what that means?)

Inga Valentiner job:

MIC star Inga has only recently returned to London after living in Bali for four years. Outside of the show, she works as an artist, working on canvas and doing artwork for surfboards and tattoos.

Jamie Liang Job:


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First up, Made in Chelsea OG Jamie Laing was definitely the star of the show when he was in the cast. Well, it’s fair to say that the 33-year-old is doing pretty well for himself in real life too. Liang lists his occupation as an investor and founder of sweets brand, Candy Kittens.

Ollie Locke and Gareth Locke jobs: 

Next up, is Made in Chelsea regular Ollie Locke and his husband, Garath. It seems that Ollie has a lot of strings to his bow, being a tv personality, actor, entertainer and recent founder of a dating app. In fact, he is one of the richest cast members on the show- he is now a millionaire!  Likewise, his husband Gareth also appears on the show and is a commercial director for Holland Cooper luxury clothing brand- you go, guys!

Louise Thompson job:

Louise Thompson isn’t ashamed to admit that MIC was a full-time job when she was on the show. She listed her occupation as an actress on E4 and a public figure. These days, she uses her celebrity status to promote products and brands on Instagram. However, she has recently become a mum with her husband Ryan so we’re sure her new baby keeps her pretty busy!

Olivia Bentley job:

Next on our list of Made in Chelsea cast jobs is Olivia (Liv) Bentley. This MIC star works as a nude photographer outside of the show- that’s hot. Supposedly, her family founded Bentley Motors, however, the brand has denied this link. Either way, the family is doing pretty well for themselves, financially. You can find out her net worth here.

Tristan Phipps job: 


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Now here’s something a little different from the others, Tristan Phipps used to work as a walking safari guide in Kruger National Park, South Africa. He then went on to work as a South Africa Travel Specialist however these days it seems that he is getting most of his cash from MIC and paid partnerships.

Binky Felstead job: 


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Binky has retired from MIC these days and only makes cameo appearances on the show however the reality star is busier than ever. She is now a mum to two, with ex JP Patterson and now husband, Max. Since leaving the show, Binky has gone on to be a fashion and beauty blogger, having amassed 1.4 million followers on Instagram. It’s fair to say that she’s come a long way from season one of MIC. 

Maeva D’Ascanio and James Taylor jobs:


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Maeva is without a doubt one of the most controversial characters in the show. Her fiery personality means that there’s never a dull moment when she’s on our screens. These days, Maeva works as a brand ambassador and Instagram influencer. Her boyfriend (if their relationship has survived the pressure) James Taylor, works as a model and is set to take over the family business linked to sales engineering.

Miles Nazaire job:


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Judging from his appearance, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that MIC star, Miles Nazaire works as a model and influencer for a job. In fact, it is mentioned quite often on the show. However, before, he was jetting off for photoshoots, he used to work for Knickerbocker TV and M.N pictures and he also had his own music production label called NuffSaid- a man of many talents.

Emily Blackwell job:

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that Emily Blackwell also works as a model. However, the MIC star is somewhat of an entrepreneur, directing her own lingerie company, UYC London.

Harvey Armstrong job:

Harvey Amstrong who is in a relationship with Emily Blackwell is also doing pretty well for himself. Outside of MIC, he works as a chartered accountant at PwC. In addition to this, he runs a start-up called The Innovative Brewing Co which is a beer manufacturing company. Impressive- we’re not sure where he finds the time to fit in all that partying!

Fredrik Ferrier job:

Next up is everyone’s favourite MIC character and just general nice guy, Fredrik Ferrier.  Fredrik has been in the show since season one, on and off and it won’t surprise you to hear that he works as (you guessed it) model. However, alongside this, Fredrik also works as a singer/songwriter. His single _Haz_y has had hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and in bigger news, he recently passed his driving test!

Digby Edgley job:


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Next up, Made in Chelsea cast member Digby Edgely works primarily works as a model. However, he is also a qualified personal trainer and semi-professional golfer.

Mark Francis Vandelli job:


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Last but absolutely not least on our list of Made in Chelsea cast jobs, is OG and general icon, Mark Francis Vandelli. Considering, he is heir to the fortune of his socialite parents, Mark would be forgiven for just spending his time having fun. However, he’s actually been keeping pretty busy and outside of MIC, he runs his own jewellery line that is based in Paris. He has also been appointed as editor of Insider Magazine. We’re impressed (we thought work was beneath him.)

So, hands up, who’s keen to see what drama the new season of MIC has in store for us? Let us know who your favourite Made in Chelsea cast member is (past or present) in the comments. And if you happen to find yourself up in SW1, then check out these 10 London bars featured in Made in Chelsea. You never know, you might just happen to bump into one of the cast members while you’re there.