This internet sensation has grown in popularity since the pandemic began, with thousands of people stuck at home, with many living alone, unable to go out and socialise. This loneliness can be especially hard on the singletons in the world who are unable to find their match.

What actually is it?

lucky crush
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Lucky Crush is the new internet sensation where users can have a live video chat with a random stranger through the site. These chats are usually quite flirty, as the sight matches up with men and women all over the world.

How does it work?

Lucky Crush
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The site randomly matches people through the sight, and conversations can last anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. The chats can also be anonymous as you don’t have to show your face; the only thing the other participant will know about you is your username.

Women earn points by talking to men on Lucky Crush, but then men must buy credits to talk to women. The points that women earn can then be used on all sorts of things.

Who can use it?

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Anyone can use the site, and since 2019 more than 1 million people have used it across more than 100 countries. However, men are only matched with women and vice versa, which means the website has been designed for straight people and forgets about the LGBT community. This is to make matches happen faster and not have users having to wait. More options mean longer wait times, but it is hoped that this will change in the future.

What are the rules?

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Despite being the host of many flirty chats, Lucky Crush is a chat site, not a dating website. Users of the site are also not allowed to share their personal details during their conversations to ensure that the site remains safe for everyone.

How do I start?

Lucky Crush
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Starting on the site is really simple. All you have to do is load the website and then select your gender. You can then start searching for someone to talk to, but you will need to register to the site before talking to an unlimited number of people. As so many people use the site, you will be spoiled for choice with strangers to chat to. You don’t even need to waste any time downloading the app. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

Why do people use it?

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There are many reasons why people use Lucky Crush, with some wanting to just have a general chat with someone new and others wishing to do some virtual flirting. Plus, many people feel they can able to open up more when talking to strangers who they don’t know and who don’t know them. With the current lockdown, the site has become increasingly popular, as people are stuck at home and wanting to use their laptop screens as a window to a world of conversation.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022