We all know Gary Lineker, whether its for football or his crisp adverts. But suddenly, the name Wayne Lineker is appearing on the web, preparing us for his appearance on Celebs Go Dating. But who is Wayne Lineker? And what’s his net worth?

Who is Wayne Lineker?

Family man

Wayne is Gary Lineker’s younger brother (by two years). He’s 58 and is known for owning O Beach Ibiza, a club on the party isle beloved by celebrities and party-goers alike.

Wayne Lineker has four children from his first marriage. 3 sons, and a daughter: Duane, Sean, Tia and Freddie.

He also has a dog, Lio, who is the best member of the whole family!

who is wayne lineker
Source: Wayne Lineker Facebook

According to the Lineker’s dad, when Gary and Wayne were young, Wayne was actually pegged to be the footballer, but he was ‘reluctant to train’, not liking the discipline that came with it. So instead, he explored his knack at business, which Gary has said he ‘was always good at’.

But the brother’s don’t talk as much anymore, following a few arguments about one another’s relationships – in fact, Wayne didn’t attend Gary’s second wedding.

Jail time

Despite being a celebrity, and being loved in Ibiza – and on social media – Wayne spent 2 and a half years (with the potential of another 2 looming over his head) in 2006.

This was to pay for the crimes he had committed in tax fraud from 1999 – 2001, during which he had amounted a substantial sum of tax debt.

The trial’s verdict was jail time, and Lineker was to pay £90,000 back in tax.


But after his time away, Wayne came back with a kick. He worked on his business enterprises, but also, in 2013, scored a role on The Only Way is Essex. 

Whilst on the show, he aimed high. He tried it on with Lauren Pope, a model who is 20 years younger than him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out – in fact, Lauren bought her own plus one to the date (albeit her friend, Chloe).

Ladies man

Before his latest fiance, Danielle Sandhu (of Britain’s Next Top Model), Lineker has had his fair share of ladies around.

But now that he is single, he has a specific list of attributes for the next Mrs Right – whether or not Celebs Go Dating will help him find her, we’re not sure…

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Source: Instagram @waynelineker

Wayne Lineker on Instagram

With 868k followers on Instagram, Wayne Lineker makes us all feel a little (actually, very) jealous of his lifestyle. If he’s not hanging out with Jason Derulo, he’s living it up at O Beach Ibiza with thousands of partygoers. Going by his Instagram, we gotta get ourselves to Ibiza… And ya know, Instagram never lies.

Head to Instagram to see for yourself.

What’s his net worth?

Well, between the TOWIE money, the money in from O Beach Ibiza, and his chain of beloved Lineker sports bars (where you can go and watch his brother commentate, oddly enough), Wayne Lineker’s net worth falls in at a whopping £30 million, as of 2020.

So maybe it’s worth making yourself fit those criteria…