Written by Lauren Pickney

Tens of thousands of students pass through the University of Nottingham every year. With its world class academic record as well as music, theatre and arts facilities, it’s no wonder the uni has produced some great talents over the years.

Here are 7 celebrities you won’t believe were Uni of Notts students.

1. London Grammar

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Source: London Grammar Facebook page

This electro/indie pop trio have won an Ivor Novello and a UK Music Video Award. But their origin story is a lot less glamorous. They played some of their first gigs at the Bag O Nails pub in sunny old Lenton before being spotted by the Ministry of Sound. Best to keep that in mind when next belting out a tune at open mic night – you never know who’s watching!

They also named Rescue Rooms as one of their favourite hangouts from back in the day, and played gigs at the Bodega. Who knows, one of those up and coming bands you see could go on to become superstars!

2. Dr Tim Brabants

Source: British Canoeing

 Tim Brabants has represented Great Britain at the Olympics 4 times, but he started off representing the Uni of Notts! This canoe star has bagged multiple medals, including a gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a gold at 3 World Championships.

In amongst all this sporting success, Tim completed his medical studies at the uni and was briefly a doctor in Jersey. He’s now a practicing physician and a member of Nottingham Kayak Club.

3. Ruth Wilson

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Source: Ruth Wilson Facebook Page

From Nottingham New Theatre to the Golden Globes, Ruth Wilson has made a name for herself after featuring in Jane Eyre, Saving Mr Banks and as intelligent yet terrifying Alice Morgan in Luther to name just a few.

One of Ruth Wilson’s most interesting roles came last year when she played her own grandmother, one of four wives of former MI6 officer Alexandra Wilson – that must have been a weird one!

This Surrey girl honed her acting skills in Nottingham and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art before getting her big break. So, it just goes to show – patience and hard work pay off!

4. Tim Martin

Source: inews 

He may have some dodgy views but this Nottingham alumni has given us years of cheap and cheerful night out – Wetherspoons! Seems like that Law degree had to take the backseat when his career took off, maybe that’s for the best – where would we get our Purple rain pitchers from then?

5. Theo James

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Source: www.toofab.com

Another celeb you wouldn’t believe walked the same corridors as us Uni of Notts students is Divergent heartthrob Theo James.

I’m sure Theo’s degree in Philosophy has come in handy while filming all those ads for Hugo Boss!

As well as being the face on all 13 year old girls bedroom walls a few years ago, he has done some great humanitarian work for Syrian refugees as well as dabbling in producing and directing.

6. Haydn Gwynne

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Source: www.comedy.co.uk

Haydn Gwynne will be best known in recent years for starring as the delightfully psychotic Camilla in The Windsors. It wasn’t until Haydn had finished studying Sociology at the Uni of Notts that she landed her first role in a BBC miniseries. She’s gone on to be nominated for BAFTA and Olivier Awards – not bad at all!

7. Jeff Randall

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Source: www.theguardian.com

Jeff Randall put his Economics degree to good use during his time presenting Jeff Randall Live on Sky News. He’s been reporting on business issues across multiple media outlets like The Daily Telegraph, the BBC and The Sunday Times.

So, that’s just a taste of some of the celebrities that have come from the Uni of Notts over the years. Hopefully this provides some hope for those of us struggling through our studies – fame and fortune are just round the corner (probably!)