Among all the titanic battles (Ali v Frazier, Ferguson v Wenger, Swift v Perry) none is more ferociously fought than Nottingham University v Nottingham Trent. So let’s settle it once and for all. Unifresher has gathered all the relevant information on all the lists the internet has to offer and put them in this even better list. One point is given to the victor of each round with the winner crowned at the end. Touch gloves. Fighhhttt.

Who’s better academically?

Now there are many, many university league tables so we opted for a recent one: The Guardian’s University League Table 2018. Unsurprisingly, Uni Of scores the first goal coming 19th in the overall list, but Trent came a very respectable 34th (higher than Red Brick Sheffield). Score: 1-0 to University of Nottingham.

Who’s better looking?

A controversial one, but we can only go on the data we have (which we made ourselves). According to the top 15 most attractive universities, neither are worth writing home about (apart from the three in out picture, of course). Sorry about that everyone but facts are facts. It’s a draw, one point each. Score: 2-1 to University of Nottingham.

Who’s better at sport?

I’d like to say it’s a pretty close one but that would be lying. Out of all the universities playing in BUCS, University of Nottingham came 11th (with 436 points) last year and Trent came 29th (with 175 points). They do have a lovely pink kit though, which we prefer. Score: 3-1 to University of Nottingham.

Who are better big game players?

For this we can only look to the biggest celebration of sport in the city: Varsity. Despite, a valiant fight in this year’s annual battle. Uni Of just pulled ahead, winning 9-12. It could be seen as a moral victory for Trent who took huge wins in the football and men’s rugby union. Score: 4-1 to University of Nottingham.

Who parties hardest?

Looks like all that hard work swotting up in the library has caused Uni Of students to really let their hair down. According to the 25 hardest partying universities article we put together Nottingham Uni are the all-nighters while Trent prefers to tuck up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate. In fact, Trentians didn’t even make it on to the list – despite having the best Freshers’ Weeks.. You need to up your game guys. Score: 5-1 to University of Nottingham.

Who is more likely to get a job after graduation?


Hmmm, it’s starting to look like Uni Of Are running away with it. According to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2017, graduates of Uni are far and away more employable. Trent didn’t even get in to the top 500 worldwide (Nottingham Uni came 55th).

And the winner is…

University of Nottingham!

It really wasn’t very close at all in the end. Uni Of runs away with it. The final score is 6-1 and the only point Trent got was for also not being in the top 15 most attractive unis.