One of the biggest perks of being a student is the cheap nights out. Discount drinks and entry means that weeknights can be the best nights of your student life, especially if you don’t have the dreaded 9 am lecture the following morning. If you’re worried about wasting your pre-drinks on a rubbish night out, there is no need for trial and error as here is our guide to the 5 best student nights in Oxford!

1. Atik’s Park End Nights

This is the club night of choice for University of Oxford students. This super-club offers music for everyone’s taste with Cheese, R&B and House rooms. Each week has a different theme, such as the ’00s vs ’90s, Spice Girls or throwback parties. If you get midnight food cravings be sure to go on one of the famous food-themed nights and make the most of the free food that is handed out; the chicken nugget nights are always popular.

2. Monday Night Bridge at The Bridge Club

If you’re an Oxford Brookes student, it is a right of passage to spend your Monday nights at The Bridge Club. Nights here can involve diving into a giant ball pit for prizes, be sure to take advantage of their £1 shot and 4 for £10 VK ‘s offers so you can still party even when your student loan is running dry. The club boasts VIP tables and five zones across a variety of rooms playing chart-topping hits, house, bassline and urban music amongst others.

3. Plush

This is Oxford’s premier LGBTQ+ bar and is located right in the middle of the city centre near Carfax Tower, perfect for a takeaway at the end of your night! The bar is privately owned and proudly provide a safe, but fun, night out for the LGBTQ+ community and for anyone else who wants to join in the fun! Tuesday Skittles nights are themed nights for students, and past themes have included ABBA vs Grease and ’70s vs ’80s.

4. Fishies at the O2 Academy

Every Wednesday, the O2 Academy hosts Oxford Brookes’ most popular night; Fishies! This ticket-only event is popular with Brookes sports teams, and societies so be sure for a wild atmosphere, especially if the sports teams have won their matches! Each week has a different theme, and fancy dress is a must! There is also the odd personal appearance, with past ‘celebrities’ including Wagner and Alex from Glastonbury.

5. The Bullingdon

This is Oxford’s leading independent music venue, and it transforms from a daytime cocktail bar to a bustling club at night. Thursday’s are most popular with students, with themed nights including a 2000’s party and Make Emo Great Again. The Bullingdon is also popular for regularly hosting underground DJ’s and its wide variety of music on offer as well as comedy nights and live gigs, there is an entertaining night out here every day of the week!