Confused if you can get Student Finance if you aren’t living with a parent? Let us help. It takes a tremendous amount of drive to make it to university. In fact, many students who are the first in their family to attend, confirm that money is generally a determining factor in this reality.

Higher education helps people from diverse backgrounds change their lives for their better.  The opportunities for networking, jobs and long-lasting connections are enough to entice anybody. In the past people were often reliant on scholarships due to financial concerns, luckily this no longer needs to be the case.

Parent’s usually help facilitate their children’s move to university by helping with costs. However some students are not privileged with parental support during this transition. Sorting out your student finance is a long and complex process. Especially when filling it out by yourself.

So you want to know if you can get student finance if you aren’t living with a parent? The short answer is yes! You can get student finance even if you aren’t living with a parent. However in order to get your student finance the process is a little different. Don’t stress, this article will tell you everything  need to know!

Applying for estrangement status

Applying for estrangement status; Student finance

Remember you must have proof of your estrangement from your parents to meet the criteria.  A confirmation of Estrangement form is the best way to verify your situation to student finance. Alternatively, a note from your social worker, doctor or significant person in your community aware of you predicament will be accepted. A letter from a teacher or a police report evidencing your estrangement can help your case.

Applying for estrangement status is serious claim and so you will only be accepted with suitable evidence. You are not eligible solely because you are not on good terms with your parents. You are not eligible if your parents don’t support you financially and are not living with you.

If all else fails contact your student services to assist you with your application. Check your institution’s website for details!

Apply for independent status

There are a number of factors that you need to take into account when applying for independent status.

Here’s the criteria:

  • You are over 25 when you course starts
  • You are a care leaver and have been under local authority care
  • Both of your parents have passed away
  • Your parents are debilitated by mental or physical ailments which inhibits your ability to contact them
  • You have been married before starting your course
  • If you have a child or somebody reliant on you under 18 (dependent)
  • You have been providing for yourself for three yours of more through employment or government assistance
  • Unable to get into contact with your parent or can’t due to safety reasons
  •  Have been estranged from your parents for a year, adoptive or otherwise.

When you gain independent status your student loan will be calculated according to your own savings.

Applying for additional funds

Can you get student finance if you aren’t living with a parent?
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Most students will be able to relate to having their parents support them financially while studying. It’s easy to lose money at university from social events, your daily cost of living to even buying books and resources for study.

This is where hardship funds come in. Explaining your situation should be sufficient to make you eligible for funding.

National charity Turn2Us can help you find grants and bursaries! We talk through the different options available here. 

We hope this article has helped you feel more confident about the student finance process.If you still feel unsure about receiving student finance if you aren’t living with a parent please click here to talk to a professional!

Can you get student finance if you aren’t living with a parent?
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Everybody deserves to go to university. No matter their circumstance. Fortunately students can afford to attend university and receive student finance. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t living with a parent.

As the time for applications to university draw closer, keep in mind that nothing is out of your reach!

Last Updated on August 25, 2022