After years of studying, GCSE’s, A-Levels, and a global pandemic thrown into the mix it’s no surprise that starting university can be a stressful time. Students now have to think about tuition fees, housing, and living costs, and for a lot of people this is the first time they have had to experience all this responsibility. It can get overwhelming, and studying alone can be stressful enough, so to help you start university in the best state of mind here is all the information and contacts you may need to get help at the University of Birmingham…

For Help


Phone: 0121 414 8000


The Oaks Nursery
Phone: 0121 414 7999

The Elms Nursery
Phone: 0121 414 8118

The Maples Nursery
Email: 0121 414 8118.
Phone: 0121 415 9222

Disability & Dyslexia


Faith & Spirituality

Phone: 0121 414 7000

Fees & Finance

Phone: 0121 414 7391


University Medical Practice
Phone: 0121 687 3055

University Dental and Implant Centre
Phone: 0121 687 8882

International Students


Student complaints & Academic appeals



Phone: 0121 415 8985


Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing Service
Telephone: 0121 414 8912

Head of Student Wellbeing & Partnerships
Email –
Phone: 0121 4148024


When deciding where to live during your studies you have two main options to choose from, university-managed accommodation or private student accommodation.

The University of Birmingham have a huge range of university-managed accommodation available at a range of prices, so whether you are wanting an ensuite or shared bathroom, self-catered or meal plan, they will have something for you. It’s important to look at all their accommodation separately before making your decision so you can see the value for money, contract lengths and cost.

You can contact the accommodation team by emailing or calling them on 0121 414 8000.


The University of Birmingham knows that childcare is really important for parents, whether they are staff or students, so the university has three different day nurseries to look after your children whilst you are working/studying. The Elms and The Oaks nurseries look after children from 6 weeks to 4 years old, and The Maples looks after children between the ages of 2 and 4.

The nurseries charge students/staff a full-time weekly rate of £142.45, a session rate of £30.28 or a day rate of £58.24. These prices include all meals, snacks and drinks, as well as local excursions. However, the nurseries do not offer half-day sessions other than 5 mornings or afternoons and must attend at least 2 days a week to keep their places. You can enquire online about joining the nurseries or contact them directly.

To get in touch with The Oaks Nursery you can email their nursery manager Emily Grainger at or calling 0121 414 7999.

To contact The Maples Nursery you can email their nursery manager Heather Bench at or by calling 0121 415 9222.

To get in touch with The Elms Nursery you can contact their nursery manager Selina Hunt at or by calling 0121 414 8118.

Disability and Dyslexia

If you have a disability it is important to let the university know, as The University of Birmingham strives to be an inclusive learning community where all students can access appropriate support to make the most of their university experience.

Students can also apply for a disabled students allowance, which can help fund specialist equipment, such as a digital voice recorder, screen reader, braille embosser, etc.

To contact the disability team you can email them at .

Faith and Spirituality

To make sure all faiths are respected the University of Birmingham has a multi-faith chaplaincy at St Francis Hall, with Chrisitan, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist chaplains. There are also many student-led faith groups and societies you can join.

To contact the university chaplaincy you can email them at or call them on 0121 414 7000.

Fees and Finance

When starting at The University of Birmingham you may be worried about your bank account, and how it will cope now you are expected to pay tuition fees, accommodation fees, living costs, travel, supplies, etc. This is the first time that most students would have had all this financial responsibility, and it can seem like a lot. However, most students apply for a student loan, where the government directly pays the university students tuition fees (on a yearly basis). The students can also apply for a maintenance loan which helps them cover accommodation, living and travel costs.

If you need help managing or advice on your finances get in touch with the financial team at 0121 414 7391 or by emailing .


During your time at university, it is important to stay healthy, which is why the Univesity of Birmingham have their own Medical Practice and their own Dental & Implant Centre. When you begin your studies it is recommended that you register with their health services or find a local doctor and dentist to use during your time at university.

The University Medical Practice cares for both staff and students, and are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5:20pm, although they do have some extended access appointments available. You can contact the medical practice at 0121 687 3055 and select option 1 for appointments, option 2 for enquiries/emergencies/home visits, and option 3 for test results.

The University Dental and Implant Centre helps students and staff with their dental needs, including routine check-ups, tooth whitening, etc.  To contact the dental centre you can call them on 0121 687 8882 Monday – Friday.

International Students

The University of Birmingham has a huge international community with more than 10,000 students across 150 countries as Birmingham is a global top 100 university. The university also has an International Students Association which is free to join. The association organise social and cultural events, and support all the international students at the University of Birmingham.

You can contact the International Students Association through any of their social media accounts or by emailing

Student complaints and academic appeals

The University of Birmingham wants to make sure all their students have a great experience during their studies, but are aware that things can go wrong. If you wish to complain about your course, modules, facilities, a member of staff or another student you can send your complaint to .

If you wish to make an academic appeal you need to first check that you have grounds to appeal, such as any mitigating circumstances. You should then check the student guidance on appeals, fill in the form and then send your request for an appeal to .


Volunteering is a great way to give back to the local community, and spend time supporting a cause. For many students the skills they learn through volunteering help them when applying for jobs as it gives them for life experience. The University of Birmingham have so many ways for students to volunteer, whether they want to join  a student led project, a community led project, or a one off opportunity.

To get in touch with the volunteering team you can email them at or call them on 0121 415 8985.


During your time at university you will need to think about lots of things, including your studies, finance, and accommodation, but you also need to remember to take care of yourself. The University of Birminghams Health, Welfare and wellbeing support provides lots of ways for you to look after yourself. Including self-help guides, tips on eating well, keeping fit, managing stress, and relaxing.

To contact Joanne Adams, the head of the mental health and wellbeing service, you can call her on 0121 414 8912 or email her at . To contact Drew Linforth, the head of student wellbeing and partnerships, you can call him on 0121 4148024 or email him at .

Last Updated on August 4, 2022